Ban Brutal Trapping That Harms Endangered Wildlife

Target: Sharon Salazar Hickey, Chair of the New Mexico Game Commission

Goal: Ban the cruel practice of wildlife trapping on public lands.

Brutal widespread trapping was recently reauthorized in the state of New Mexico. The New Mexico Game Commission’s decision to allow trapping threatens bobcats, foxes, coyotes, and most notably, endangered Mexican gray wolves.

This decision reauthorizes the use of leghold traps, body-crushing traps and strangulation snares that have maimed and killed several different species of wildlife. This comes despite thousands of comments submitted by the public criticizing trapping as inhumane. This practice is particularly harmful to endangered Mexican gray wolves, as detailed in this petition.

There are several problems with the law that legalizes trapping in New Mexico. Many trappers capture animals to sell their pelts. There are no bag limits imposed on trappers for furbearer species. The law does not require trap locations to be marked for warning. No penalties exist for trappers who unintentionally trap non-target species, including endangered or protected species, domestic animals, livestock, or even humans. Trapping is legal so long as the intention was to kill a different animal than the one accidentally trapped. In addition, there is no database or record kept of animals trapped because there is no requirement to report when a non-target species is caught. Therefore, it is difficult to understand the real impact trapping has on wildlife. Sign below to demand the New Mexico Game Commission reverse their decision to allow trapping on public lands and instead ban the cruel practice.


Dear Ms. Hickey,

Trapping is jeopardizing the survival of many important species, including the endangered mexican gray wolf that activists have worked tirelessly to conserve.

The intention to kill one species and accidentally kill another without penalty should not be allowed. Even if trapping remains legal, those who maim and kill endangered wolves, domestic animals, and other species, must report the incident and suffer penalization.

The injury and death of wildlife in New Mexico must not continue to be swept under the rug. I demand that you reverse your decision to allow trapping and instead ban the inhumane practice.


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Photo Credit: David Syzdek


  1. why is the world always targeting our wildlife and killing them? do they not know that is how our ecosystem is regulated? this is so cruel to our wildlife to be trapped and killed for what????

  2. Robert Ortiz says:

    This practice must stop!

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