Don’t Build Gas Wells Over Ancient Pronghorn Migration Route

Target: William Perry Pendley, Deputy Director, Policy & Programs, Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Reverse decision to allow the construction of 3,500 gas wells that could block an ancient pronghorn migration corridor.

3,500 gas wells are permitted to be built that could block a 170-mile long migration pattern traveled by the pronghorn, an antelope-like species. This ancient Path of the Pronghorn has been traveled for 6,000 years in the state of Wyoming and is crucial for their survival.

The massive frack field expansion was recently approved by the Bureau of Land Management, and would allow oil-and-gas company Jonah Energy to develop 350 gas wells annually over the next ten years. These wells could block the Path of the Pronghorn, which connects Grand Teton National Park to crucial winter range in the Upper Green River Basin. This range is vital, not only for the survival of the pronghorns, but for other species that rely on sagebrush habitat, such as the sage grouse.

Conservation groups have filed a legal petition challenging the Trump Administration’s decision to build new gas wells. The petition states that the government and the BLM approved the wells without properly analyzing the potential harm to pronghorn and the sage grouse. The BLM is reportedly reviewing the petition, though they say their permits complied with wildlife and conservation regulations. Wendy Park, an attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity, thinks different. “This plan would sacrifice Grand Teton’s magnificent pronghorn herd and one of North America’s oldest migration corridors to enrich fossil fuel companies”, she said. Sign below to demand the BLM reverse their decision to allow Jonah Energy to build 3,500 gas wells over the Path of the Pronghorn.


Dear Mr. Pendley,

Your approval of the construction of 3,500 new gas wells that could block the Path of the Pronghorn is extremely concerning. This could prevent pronghorns from accessing crucial winter range and inevitably destroy their herd.

Their populations have already declined by 40 percent, and the southern portion of their migration corridor has been narrowed by two existing gas fields. Do not force this magnificent and ancient species to face another imminent roadblock to their survival.

In order to ensure the survival of the pronghorn, I demand that you reverse your decision to permit Jonah Energy to build 3,500 new gas wells in their territory.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jean Beaufort


  1. William Perry Pendley, Deputy Director, Policy & Programs, Bureau of Land Management – You are lowlife GREEDY MONEY HUNGRY LOWLIFE BASTARDS – If you allow this sadism and evilness to go ahead.

    REVERSE the vile and evil decision to allow the construction of 3,500 gas wells that would block an ancient pronghorn migration corridor.

    All these lowlife money hungry bastards are thinking about is the money in their vile and evil money hungry pockets. No compassion or respect shown for the precious and innocent wildlife that would suffer and die because of their vile and evil money hungry and GREED.

    What the fuck are these lowlife monsters thinking about – PURE GREED.

  2. Justin Recht says:

    I never stop wondering how officials entertain, and then execute such moronic ideas.

    There should be a test for all wanna-be-in-the-government officials that would show their level of intelligence and true commitment to future generations.

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