Stop Mass Death Trials That Allegedly Execute the Innocent

Target: Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of Egypt

Goal: End mass trials that condemn innocent individuals to an unjust death.

Four young men who have allegedly endured years of torture may be executed in Egypt, despite no evidence against them. If these harsh sentences are handed down, the youth may become the latest victims of a degrading, dangerous mass trial system that deprives human beings of their most fundamental rights.

The men in this particular case stand accused of participating in an organization deemed a terrorist cell by Egypt’s current leadership. Yet the boys may have been targeted for imprisonment only to be used as leverage against their fathers, some of whom had expressed political allegiance to Egypt’s former ousted president. Accounts allege that one of the boys was even brutally taken into “custody” on his way to school and sent to a room where he was beaten and tortured in front of his father.

After enduring such reported violations as electric shocks to the genitals and being hung by their arms for days, the kids did “confess.” Since their nearly four-year-long imprisonment, the men have since allegedly endured routine beatings and further physical and psychological torture, all culminating in a trial where they have been packed into a courtroom with more than 300 other defendants. This mass trial, completely devoid of any due process or basic rights, determines whether these potentially wrongfully imprisoned young men live or die.

Sign this petition to demand Egyptian leaders put a permanent halt to these inhumane and unfair tribunals.


Dear President Sisi,

“Ammar El Sudany was a promising student on the cusp of adulthood, tortured and beaten simply because his father spoke out against Egypt’s ruler.” This statement was made by a human rights charity concerning the case of four young men facing death for alleged political dissent. The case speaks to the heart, or lack thereof, of Egypt’s mass military court trials. A court crammed with 300-plus defendants cannot possibly offer any human being his or her most fundamental rights.

This system is a recipe for persecution. Currently, an estimated 82 people face execution because of politics-laden cases. Hundreds more are very likely enduring abuse, torture, and degradation simply for expressing their opposition beliefs. A country that has a long-term goal of becoming a fully-fledged democracy cannot condone heinous actions that crush the very freedoms and human dignities essential for a democracy to thrive.

Put Egypt on a better course and show true leadership to all your people. End the destructive mass trial system immediately.


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