Drop Charges Against Firefighters Who Saved the Amazon

Target: Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil

Goal: Drop arson charges and end the arrest of firefighters who helped save the Amazon rainforest.

Firefighters who risked their lives saving the Amazon rainforest from destruction are now facing unfounded charges of arson by Brazil’s Bolsonaro government. Many have been arrested and made outcasts in their communities. Demand these false charges be dropped.

President Bolsonaro says these firefighters started the fires themselves as a way to gain fame and present bravery. However, scientists and conservationists around the world have maintained that land grabbing, illegal farming, and lumber led to the fires and rampant deforestation. The only “evidence” brought against the firefighters are the words of citizens who believe the firefighter’s methods were not effective enough.

These firefighters are becoming scapegoats for a government that knows it has committed great wrongs. These individuals should be praised for stopping further damage to the rainforest, not condemned. Demand all arson charges be dropped.


Dear President Bolsonaro,

Firefighters who helped end the devastating fires ravaging the Amazon rainforest have now been accused, without evidence, of starting those very fires. The facts against them? Civilian “hunches” or “feelings.”

Conservationists have maintained that the fires were started by land grabbing, illegal farming, and squatting…all made possible by your government. These firefights should be celebrated, not condemned. I demand you drop all charges against them.


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Photo Credit: Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon

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