Stop Excessive Toilet Paper Hoarding That Damages Environment

Target: Andrew Sweeting, Bureau of Economics Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection

Goal: Demand stores put a limit on the purchases of toilet paper throughout the country.

Americans are stockpiling toilet paper thanks to the coronavirus scare, emptying store shelves as fast as possible. Not only are they depriving other consumers, but the need for this much toilet tissue could lead to the cutting down of more trees to provide it.

Deforestation is already a huge problem in the United States, tying into the paper products industry and certain companies’ reluctance to replace tree pulp with recycled materials. Coupled with the spreading panic over the coronavirus leading to consumer greed and hoarding, we are looking at a potential environmental disaster. Trees will die, flooding and fires will occur, and all because consumers are channeling their need for control into hoarding a product they do not need to hoard.

We cannot let this insanity continue. Stores must stop enabling this behavior and a possible environmental disaster. Sign this petition to pressure major store chains to limit the amount of toilet paper purchases across the country.


Dear Director Sweeting,

Stores are quickly running out of toilet paper as American citizens stockpile all they can, thanks to the coronavirus crisis. This is not only inconsiderate to other consumers, but dangerous to the environment as the need for this much paper product could lead to further deforestation across the country.

People stockpile toilet paper to feel a sense of control over their lives, but their actions are detrimental to the well-being of the country, especially during a time like this. You must urge major store chains to limit the amount of toilet paper consumers can buy, not just for the sake of other consumers but for the environment.


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  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    Stockpiling in the name of profiteering is greedy and morally reprehensible. Panic buying in the name of fear is irrational and selfish. Both are harmful to the environment and society as a whole. Please stop and address the root of your fear and think about your actions before doing anything.

  2. Peter Kelly says:

    You can buy a hand bidet and install it for the price of a years supply. Its healthier and saves trees.

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