Ban Cruel Practice of Eating Dog and Cat Meat  

Target: Li Zhanshu, Chairman of China’s Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress

 Goal: Support a ban on the ingestion of dog and cat meat following the spread of the coronavirus.

Eating dog and cat meat may soon be banned in one Chinese city, due to the spread of the coronavirus. This bold move would identify dogs and cats as companion animals worthy of rights. Demand that the ingestion of dog and cat meat be outlawed at once.

“There is a growing and vocal Chinese opposition to the dog and cat meat trade, and young people in China are far more likely to think of dogs as companions than cuisine,” stated Wendy Higgins, director of international media at Humane Society International. She and many other advocates have spoken out in favor of a proposed ban on dog and cat meat in Shenzhen, China after the coronavirus was apparently traced back to wildlife obtained in a Wuhan meat market. While the virus may have been the push behind this ban, there is much emphasis on the special relationship between people and pets and great potential for a positive change in China’s overall perspective of these animals.

The ban has been through the public comment phase and will soon be given final determination. Sign below and demand that dogs and cats be protected from this senseless slaughter.


Dear Chairman Li,

Between 10 and 20 million dogs are killed for their meat in China every year, per Humane Society International. Animals Asia claims that approximately 4 million cats suffer the same fate. Now, thanks to the vast spread of the coronavirus, the ingestion of dog and cat meat has come into question and many are focusing on compassion as a reason to give up this long-favored cultural cousine.

China’s National People’s Congress has already banned the consumption of wild animal meat to protect public health. Now, it’s time to make the same decision for domesticated animals. Dogs and cats form a special bond with people, and they are in a whole other category from wildlife. These animals deserve rights, respect, and to be seen as more than just a meal.

I demand that you make Shenzhen the first of many Chinese cities to ban the ingestion of dog and cat meat.


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  1. Hope a virus wipes out china! And all countries who torture animals!

  2. China should implement a ban against eating rabbits too because, rabbits are considered companion animals/pets too!

  3. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Banning the Dog & Cat Meat Trade would not only be good for humans, even better for these helpless animals who are tortured to death and then skinned alive!!!! PLEASE…make raising dogs and cats and also eating them illegal! Also make it illegal to use them for their skins & fur!!!! Thank you!

  4. Mary F Harrington says:

    Something good to come out of something bad!

  5. Death wish to these ugly,vile,filth-bag Chinese animal abusing /murdering scumbags.Lets hope that the Corona virus exterminates these repulsive filth-bags

  6. Julie Bates says:

    Perhaps the corona virus should wipe out China and their eating RATS. SCORPIONS, worms and sharks
    I agree with Cynthia,Arron,and JC …good for u guys …

  7. Sherry Hall says:

    Virus or no virus. NO ONE needs to eat cats and dogs. We were given LIVESTOCK to eat. Not pets. I have no respect for Oriental countries that do this despicable act.

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