Yellowstone: Don’t Slaughter Bison for Cattle Industry

Target: Andy Stiles, Executive Director of Operations, Yellowstone National Park

Goal: End cull that could kill hundreds of bison.

Up to 900 of Yellowstone’s majestic bison may be sacrificed to prop up the cattle industry. As the unsuspecting animals returned from their winter migration, park officials began rounding them up for likely slaughter. This systemic execution is part of a years-long agreement between the federal and local governments…a blood-money deal that must end for the sake of these innocent animals.

What was the bison’s great alleged transgression? The animals have dared to fall ill with the disease brucellosis, which has been wiped out in the rest of the country. The disease may cause spontaneous abortions. Because bison can presumably infect nearby herds of cattle and endanger the prized livestock lode of the cattle industry, government officials have decided bison populations must be “reduced” by any means necessary. For dozens of animals, this reduction has already meant slaughter. Officials do have the option of relocating the bison to other areas, but they have apparently decided that mercilessly killing the animals is more convenient.

Sign this petition to let careless Yellowstone leaders know that their priority should be protecting the park’s wildlife, not deliberately destroying them.


Dear Mr. Stiles,

How many visitors to Yellowstone National Park are aware of one of your most longstanding initiatives: a program that deliberately eradicates some of the very animals they have come to enjoy? The bison cull is a shameful practice that sullies the legacy of wildlife conservation on which Yellowstone prides itself. End this offensive backroom deal now.

You cannot sacrifice one group of animals to enable and support the exploitation of another group. The “concerns” about brucellosis have little to do with the welfare of bison or cattle and everything to do with the well-being of the cattle industry. If you truly care about these defenseless animals, then put money and resources into extinguishing a disease that has been successfully neutralized in the rest of America. In the interim, expend the time and energy to relocate the bison and save their lives.

Yellowstone has successfully overseen the resurgence of endangered gray wolves. Instead of aiding in their demise, give bison the same empowering opportunity.


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Photo Credit: Arturo de Frias Marques

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  1. Jacqui Skill says:


  2. Jaime Perez says:

    Oh my gosh, just leave these animals alone! Ranchers think they own all the land. They are pushing the wildlife out of their habitats.

  3. Everyone needs to eat less beef in order to stop the big demand. It’s the only way to have more land for the bison so they aren’t in close proximity to cattle.

  4. Vile and evil Trump and his cronies has a lot to do with this sadism and evilness against the precious and innocent Bison.
    This sadism and evilness must be stopped and banned.
    Leave the innocent Bison alone you lowlife f—— greedy monsters from earth. No innocent and helpless animals are safe in this evil country of America while Trump is allowed to survive.


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