Stop Slaughtering Threatened Wombat Species

Target: Daniel Andrews, Premier of the Government of Victoria

Goal: Stop issuing permits to cull the threatened southern hairy-nosed wombat.

Southern hairy-nosed wombats are being legally slaughtered by farmers in the South Australian state of Victoria. The Victorian government issues permits for the culling of “abundant wildlife” that is “causing damage.” However, traditional owners of aboriginal lands and environmental groups claim that culling is occurring at alarming rates and fear for the survival of the wombat species.

Permits were recently issued for the Aboriginal Lands Trust at Point Pearce, lands that are leased to farmers under laws that allow for the killing of wildlife that could be damaging their crops, property, etc. While permits are issued only to cull “abundant wildlife” that is “causing damage,” the South Australian Department of Environment and Water refused to specify the supposed damage caused by wombats or the amount intended to cull. They do not publish annual figures on the number and type of wildlife killed. Narungga traditional land owners have claimed that the numbers are significant.

The Humane Society International states that the southern hairy-nosed wombat population is highly fragmented and identifies Point Pearce as an area “of great conservation significance.” Evan Quartermain of The Humane Society said “There’s simply no excuse for this over-the-top lethal intervention, particularly considering simple solutions to prevent damage, such as wombat gates, are now available.” Sign below to demand the Government of Victoria stop issuing permits to kill the southern hairy-nosed wombat.


Dear Mr. Andrews,

The Southern hairy-nosed wombat faces many threats to its survival. It has been nominated to be on the threatened species list multiple times under the Environmental Protections and Biosecurity Conservation Act. In addition to culling, their species is currently facing loss due to an outbreak of sarcoptic mange, a painful skin disease.

There is no reason to allow for the culling of these threatened wombats when there are plenty of solutions to prevent damage, such as wombat gates, that do not involve death. I demand that you stop issuing permits to cull the southern hairy-nosed wombat.


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Photo Credit: Daniela Parra

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  1. if this is causing a problem due to overpopulated wombats and humans can say to kill them, then how about the overpopulated world of humans. do we have the right to petition a cull to kill them also? this world is becoming so difficult to live in and there are just too many “haters” of animals.

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