Protect Communities of Color From Gentrification

Target: Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida

Goal: Protect communities of color in Miami from climate gentrification.

Rising housing costs and increased development are pushing out long-time residents of Miami’s “Little Haiti” community. Gentrification has caused some residents to see their rent double, and even triple, in a year’s time.

Little Haiti is one of the fastest gentrifying communities in the country. Unlike most gentrification movements, this one is a relatively new phenomenon, called climate gentrification. As Miami faces the increasing threat of sea level rise, wealthy Floridians and real estate developers are looking inland to flee the effects of climate change. Little Haiti, though once looked down upon in fear and distaste by Florida’s affluent, now appears as a refuge for those who live closer to the ocean. Little Haiti is one of the highest points in Miami.

The gentrification of Little Haiti was accelerated by a federal tax break that incentivized development of what are called “opportunity zones.” While the federal government claims these zones will benefit the people who live there, many criticize them as enabling rich developers to get richer by displacing the poor without providing them with anywhere to live or work. Adrian Madriz, a Haitian immigrant who works for the Miami Workers Center, claims that in the development of opportunity zones, developers and officials never consider building affordable housing, hiring from within the community or consulting local residents.

Climate gentrification has caused residents to be displaced to neighboring communities that do not give them the same sense of identity and belonging. Sign below to demand the Governor of Florida protect the citizens of Little Haiti from climate gentrification by implementing affordable housing, providing job opportunities and consulting them before making big decisions that will change their community forever.


Dear Governor DeSantis,

Climate gentrification in Little Haiti is perpetuating a global trend of displacing low-income communities of color to make room for the rich. Little Haiti is a thriving community of immigrants that have developed an identity and a life for themselves in Miami. Today, residents are seeing their housing costs double, and even triple, and are being forced to move elsewhere.

Climate gentrification leaves no room for consideration of the well-being of the residents of Little Haiti, only factoring in the wants and needs of the affluent and profit seeking. Therefore, in the process of developing opportunity zones, I demand that you require the building of affordable housing, hire for new business from within the community and consult residents before making big decisions that could push them out of their communities forever.


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Photo Credit: Marc Averette

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