Tell Uber and Lyft to Stop Polluting the Environment

Target: Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber

Goal: Stop contributing to climate change by electrifying fleets, encouraging pooled rides, and encouraging the use of public transportation.

Ridesharing service Uber is increasing vehicle travel, carbon emissions, and congestion. While it is a common belief that ridesharing is a more sustainable alternative to driving a personal car, studies have shown that services like Uber and Lyft are actually polluting more than a private car ride would.

A recent report by the non-profit research group, Union of Concerned Scientists, analyzed data from seven U.S. cities. It found that ridesharing services now account for up to 13 percent of vehicle traffic in downtown areas. Instead of replacing other cars, they are increasing the total number of car trips and causing an estimated 69 percent more emissions than the trips they displace. In addition, they are replacing rides that would otherwise be taken on public transit, by bicycle, or on foot. Meanwhile, non-pooled rides are estimated to be 47 percent more polluting than driving your own car.

Ridesharing would reduce pollution by 68 percent if the cars were electric. In order to reduce their impact on the environment, Uber could also encourage the use of public transit by providing “first and last-mile connections” that would replace part of a trip that a train or bus doesn’t cover. Sign below to demand that Uber fund initiatives to expand electric vehicles and make efforts to encourage pooled rides and the use of public transit.


Dear Mr. Khosrowshahi,

Uber could provide a more sustainable solution for a customer who wants to rely less on a personal car and decrease their carbon footprint. However, ridesharing services are doing the opposite, polluting more than if a customer were to drive their personal car.

Your ridesharing service is increasing vehicle travel, carbon emissions, and congestion. However, there are a variety of ways that you could change this and instead have a positive impact.

I demand that you fund initiatives to expand the use of electric cars, improve the pricing and convenience of pooled rides, and encourage the use of public transportation by implementing “first and last-mile connections” in order to prioritize the environment and stop contributing to climate change.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Who’s buying the electric car? Not too many people can afford a $40 k tesla. Besides, a car that small would not qualify for lyft or uber since there are certain size requirement that must be made. It would also only increase number of pedestrian and bicyclist related deaths to have more people walking or riding a bike.

    • No doubt i need this job and it barley takes care of what i need couldnt afford a new car cost plus never feel safe in a sm car

    • Ayla Burnett says:

      Yes many people cannot afford to buy an electric car, myself included. However, this is why larger corporations with the funds to purchase electric cars should be taking the initiative to do so! I am certainly not asking everyone to go buy a tesla that’s silly!

  2. Mary Maid says:

    These environmental groups are just money laundering fronts for global communist and socialist groups to destroy capitalism and Western Civilization. Don’t buy into their agenda.

  3. Josie Olive says:

    The biggest problem with these morons is that all they do is idle. In NYC there is a new program started by Billy Idol. It’s called It give citizens the power to videotape these people and send it in and when they get a summons you get paid a portion.

  4. Harry Laid says:

    Mary Maid:
    Coo coo for Cocoa puffs! What an elegant rant.i like how you demonize ALL things you know nothing about. Is that really true? All environmental groups are money laundering fronts ect, ect?
    And you know this to be true because?
    Some hateful angry human told you it was true!
    Stop spreading trash.
    Spread the truth once in awhile like in a few years talk about how a President you once had did things like use his charity as an ATM which is money laundering little Mary Maid and it was SO true he paid a big fine and shut the laundromat down.
    Please remember, Shit in then shit out.

  5. Uber and lyft are not polluting the environment any more than local taxi companies and motorists.. I’ve never heard any complaint about taxi services polluting our environment..WHY
    Looks like some kind of vindetA against these 2 services.. leave them alone this is USOA Land of the free…

    • Ayla Burnett says:

      Thanks for reading! I agree, they are not necessarily polluting more than taxi companies at all! I merely chose to focus my article on uber and lyft as I cannot cover more than one topic in my article.

  6. Gas cars pollute the environment, ride share or not makes no significant difference. And what about how many drunk drivers ride shares get off the road? Saving lives directly isn’t as good as reducing the pollution by 0.0000001%?

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