Oregon Senate Republicans: Stop Threatening Our Democracy and Return to Work

Target: Herman Baertschiger Jr., Oregon Senate Republican Leader and Oregon Senate Republicans

Goal: Stop fleeing the capitol so you can kill important legislation, and fulfill your duty by returning to work.

All but one of Oregon’s Senate Republicans fled the capital recently to kill an important cap-and-trade bill. Sergeants at arms searched the building in an attempt to gather Republican Senators so the chamber could commence, but were unable to find any. Senate President Peter Courtney was forced to adjourn the chamber until they decide to return.

Oregon Senate Bill 1530 would set a gradual, strict cap on statewide carbon dioxide emissions and require polluters from the transportation fuels, utility and industrial sectors to obtain “emissions allowances” to cover every metric ton of their emissions. However, the bill cannot be voted on until at least two Republican Senators are present.

This is not the first time that Republican Senators have fled the capitol to halt a vote. The GOP walked out twice last year, first to stall a business tax and kill vaccine and gun control bills, and then to kill the 2019 version of the cap-and-trade bill. This year, if Republican Senators do not show up by the March 8 deadline, many other important bills will not have the opportunity to pass, including the approval of a relief package for Eastern Oregon that has suffered from damaging floods, a bill to open homeless shelters, and one that will address critical needs in the state child welfare system.

Governor Kate Brown, along with many other politicians and Oregon residents, are infuriated. “If Senate Republicans don’t like a bill, they need to show up and change it or show up and vote no,” Brown said. Instead, they “have chosen to take a taxpayer funded vacation…Oregonians should be outraged and I am, too.”

Senate Republicans fleeing the capitol because they don’t agree with important environmental legislation is a threat to democracy and a disrespect to Oregon voters. Sign below to demand that Oregon Senate Republicans return to the capitol and do their job.


Dear Senator Baertschiger Jr. and Oregon Senate Republicans,

You were elected by Oregon residents to work on behalf of the public and represent the wants and needs of your constituents. Most Oregonians who fail to show up at their jobs would face punishment or termination.

Senate Bill 1530 is an extremely important climate change initiative that will have impacts throughout the country. This is Oregon’s chance to be a leader in climate change policy and set an example for the rest of the United States. When you fail to show up, you are jeopardizing the future of our planet and its people. It is your duty to vote, not only on Senate Bill 1530, but on the many other important bills that will impact Oregonians. I demand that you return to the capitol and fulfill your duty.


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  1. Mary F Harrington says:

    This is really a case of calling the kettle..black! Ayla Burnett what do you think the democrats were doing through the joke of a life time trying to impeach the president? You guys really set a precedence with wasting time and our money. If this true about the republicans, they learned from the best!.

  2. Sherry Hall says:

    You’re a fine one to talk. The Democrats are murderous monsters that want to take away our Religious rights by wanting to turn us into a Muslim nation.

    Not happening. Those idiot Democrats need to admit, Trump is the best president we’ve had. He’s done more for us than any of those self-righteous morons would or could.

    All they would do is sit on their fat asses and wonder how to get back all their campaign money. And, keep the donations for their own personal gain.

    Their just greedy assholes. I’m not saying the Republicans are not, but at least they DO stuff besides sit on their fat asses acting all big, bad and important and la-dee-dah, holier-than-thou.

    Kiss on the Dummycrotches, I’ll support a REAL leader. He may be childish and potty mouthed at times, but he’s honest. Proven during the Russian coalitions and the impeachment fiasco.

    • Ayla Burnett says:

      Wow. The prospect of The Democratic Party trying to turn the U.S. into a muslim nation is definitely news to me! Thanks for reading

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