Protect Vulnerable Javan Deer From Extinction

Target: Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Minister of Environment and Forestry in Indonesia

Goal: Protect Javan deer populations from dangerous habitat loss by designating un-protected territory as a wildlife refuge.

Indonesia’s native Javan deer populations are in decline and at risk of becoming endangered. A large portion of their populations live outside of protected areas and as a result, they face the daily threat of habitat loss and poaching. Unprotected areas need to be considered in conservation policy-making to ensure the species does not become endangered.

Javan deer are a rare and important species that traditionally inhabit a restricted endemic habitat range. They are native to the Indonesian Islands and East Timor, but due to human activity, they have been introduced to a large portion of the Southern Hemisphere. Javan deer play a critical ecosystem role as a seed disperser.

Despite the fact that Javan deer are protected under Indonesian law, the International Union for Conservation labeled them as vulnerable. The unprotected areas they inhabit are home to production forests, pulpwood plantations, palm oil concessions and logging areas and therefore experience high levels of deforestation. Their territory is vulnerable to many other types of land use changes, hunting and trapping, and ecological threats such as the spread of invasive species that will further threaten Javan deer habitat.

Due to extractive industry, Indonesia has lost a considerable amount of its natural forests. The destruction of this critical habitat could result in the imminent loss of this rare and important species. Sign below to demand that the unprotected areas that Javan deer inhabit be designated as a wildlife refuge to curb the threat of industry, development, poaching, and more.


Dear Minister Bakar,

Javan deer populations are declining due to poaching, trapping and habitat loss. As you know, their species are an important part of the ecosystem in the Indonesian Islands and East Timor, as well as in the areas they have been introduced. If their habitat continues to be destroyed outside of protected areas, they could face ultimate decimation.

Javan deer territory outside of protected areas needs proper management and protections in order to safeguard their population. Therefore, I demand that you designate all Javan deer territory as protected to keep industry and other threats from continuing to destroy their habitat. This action will likely protect many other critical species as well.


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Photo Credit: Francesco Veronesi

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