Trump: Don’t Slash Funding For National Park Service and Public Lands

National Park - C. Bubar

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Don’t cut funding for vital environmental programs like the National Park Service and the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

In his recent budget proposal, President Donald Trump called for extreme funding cuts for the National Park Service and the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Environmental experts and activists, as well as senators from both the Republican and Democratic parties, have denounced these cuts as unnecessary and detrimental to the preservation of natural resources.

The National Park Service (NPS) is an invaluable and long-running program that is vital to maintaining public land for conservation, recreation, and ecological health. The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is instrumental in managing natural resources and provides thousands of jobs for Americans, particularly in rural areas.

Public lands are a valuable national resource, and cutting funding for the NPS and LWCF would make these lands vulnerable to degradation and corporate exploitation. President Trump must revise his budget proposal and ensure that these valuable national programs continue to serve our citizens and our environment.


Dear President Trump,

Your recent budget proposal targets two valuable environmental programs, the National Park Service (NPS) and the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). Both of these programs are responsible for the preservation of vital natural resources, not to mention thousands of American jobs and billions of dollars’ worth of economic activity.

The NPS and LWCF have strong bipartisan support and play crucial roles in America’s recreation sector. The preservation of public land also greatly benefits environmental science and innovation, a field that America must strive to remain competitive in on a global scale.

I urge you to revise your budget proposal and maintain funding for the NPS and LWCF. American citizens have a right to their public land, clean air and water, and well-managed natural resources.


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Photo credit: C. Bubar

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  1. Jennifer Day says:

    Can we help and expand our parks not take away from them! We must help our environment not hurt it!! This can Not happen!!!

  2. Gilda Provenzano says:


  3. Aprille Gilmore says:

    We may never be able to undo the damage this administration has done. There is nothing they are not determined to destroy.

  4. Trump is an absolute MUPPET – Americans must stop him while they can and vote him OUT!! The guy and his sons are 1st class idiots who have absolutely no concept of humanity, kindness or what is good for the world!!

  5. I long for the day again when America has a president with a sense of decency and respect for people, animals and the environment, a reasonable level of intelligence and knowledge, who is able to speak and spell English properly, who presents and behaves himself in a manner befitting a president, who doesn’t spend his time tweeting, watching TV, playing golf, name-calling and ridiculing others, who is not obsessed with his own vanity, who eats & drinks a sensible, healthy diet instead of bordering on obese from fast-foods, who has and does treat women with respect and value, who does not carry the baggage of bankruptcy and vulgarity, who does not spread hate & division every day, and last but not least, who understands the meaning of the word honesty and does not have a mental health issue such as this one with his outright lying every single day to the extent that he considers lying to be ‘normal’… and worst of all is that he thinks we can’t see his constant lies, he thinks we’re all so stupid… a president such as this one is a danger not only to America but to the rest of the world…there used to be pride in the American presidency… America used to be a ‘world-leader’… America used to be ‘a sense of security to the world’… all these things went down the drain now a swirling swamp with this president… the only way to drain the swamp is to vote him out = that’s when America will be great again… so much destruction to the environment and animals thanks to this man…

  6. Maria Bertrand says:

    It is common sense that our Green Spaces are what keeps everyone sane, healthy and guard against planet destruction ….SO WHY would ANY ONE CUT BACK FUNDiNg for vital environmental programs like the National Park Service and the Land and Water Conservation Fund????????


  7. Typical for the people in this government. Everything is being done to help special interest groups, while the people of this country are being ignored and our health and our environment are being ruined. Simply disgusting.

  8. Terri Manabe says:

    It’s just time (beyond it) for Trump to go, go, go away. He is nothing in terms of doing things to help our health care, envrionment, wildlife, children, elderly, etc. All he’s done during his entire term thus far is to cut out, get rid of, or do away with anything that was set in place by the Obama administration and hurt our planet. Everything he has done is for the betterment of the 1%. We see how his son, Don Jr. is an asshole and useless waste of skin and air. That comes from how he was raised by his daddy. So with that, we can sign petitions and send letters, but this POS president won’t listen or do anything to help our planet or the American people.

  9. Janet Garraghan says:

    The man is an imbecile! I just don’t get it! What is the fascination and adoration of the freak even about!

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