Protect Endangered Wolves From Death by Brutal Leghold Traps

Target: Sharon Salazar Hickey, Chair of the New Mexico Game Commission

Goal: Close areas occupied by the endangered Mexican gray wolf to commercial and recreational trapping.

Endangered Mexican gray wolves are consistently getting caught in leghold traps in New Mexico and Arizona. According to the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife, 45 wolves have been unintentionally trapped in Mexican wolf territory since 2002, with the most recent reported trapping in November of 2019. Many wolves have experienced injuries, amputation, and even death.

The Mexican gray wolf is an endangered species that the federal government has been working to reintroduce into the wild for decades. They have reached many roadblocks along the way, including poaching, hunting, trapping and political divisiveness. However, reintroduction and recovery efforts have shown moderate success and wolf populations have grown.

Unintentional trapping has become a large threat to the wolves fragile population, particularly in New Mexico. Two bills were proposed in New Mexico, House Bill 366, which is the Wildlife Protection and Public Safety Act and Senate Bill 390, Trapping Regulation Changes. This legislation could have been significant in protecting wolf populations, though both bills have been postponed indefinitely.

The Mexican gray wolf is an apex predator critical to the Southwestern desert ecosystem of the United States. In addition, the wolf is a distinct cultural symbol for Native Americans and others traditionally inhabiting the Southwest. Leghold trapping poses an imminent threat to their population and could reverse the decades-long struggle to recover their species in the wild. Sign below to demand the New Mexico Game Commission close occupied wolf territory to commercial and recreational trapping.


Dear Ms. Salazar Hickey,

The Mexican gray wolf has been fighting extinction for decades. Once again, their populations face an imminent threat that will contribute to their ultimate decimation if action is not taken. Leghold trapping has injured and even caused death to Mexican gray wolves. We cannot afford to lose another wolf.

The mission statement of the New Mexico Game Commission is “Conserving New Mexico’s Wildlife for Future Generations.” I encourage you to apply this statement to the livelihood of the Mexican gray wolf by working with the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife to implement tangible legislation addressing leghold trapping. I demand that you close wolf territory to any recreational or commercial trapping in order to ensure the survival of the Mexican gray wolf.


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Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett


  1. Agree all comments put this fuckers in death traps. Whats wrong with laws and Governments having they got hearts just because there animals you dont give a fuck i think animal cruelty people need it. No Excuse.

  2. Dear Ms. Salazar Hickey,
    Please demand that close the wolf territory be closed to any recreational or commercial trapping in order to ensure the survival of the Mexican gray wolf.
    Thank you!

  3. Ms. Hickey –
    It’s in your hands to prevent the extinction of the gray wolves,
    we trust you will do your utmost to fight for their survival.

  4. Sharon Salazar Hickey, Chair of the New Mexico Game Commission

    Please close areas occupied by the precious and endangered Mexican Gray Wolf to the vile and evil commercial and recreational trapping.

    The lowlife animal torturing murdering monster who are deliberately torturing and murdering these precious Mexican Gray Wolves must be caught and brought to Justice and put to death.

    The Death Penality must be committed against these lowlife psychopathic depraved animal torturers and animal murderers of the precious and helpless Mexican Gray Wolves. Kill them all.

    Burn in hell you lowlife animal torturing murdering monsters from hell for an eternity and suffer in agony as your defenceless and innocent victims endured.

    An eye for an eye.

    The vile and evil human species is the vilest of all species and animal torturers and animal murderers Worldwide. They must be eradicated from our planet earth.


  6. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Would YOU, Sharon Salazar Hickey, like YOUR legs to be caught in one of those traps? I doubt it.

  7. Dolores Proubasta says:

    What kind of psychopathic coward calls “trapping” recreational! That frame of mind is incompatible with a civilized society. It cannot be permitted. Please, protect the rare Mexican Grey Wolf … and protect everyone from scum like trappers.

  8. Human are dumb learning animals. One sure way for these trappers to learn is to lay some of these wolves traps on the trappers trails. Im sure once they they have their broken leg amputated or tore ankle fixed at the hospital they will reconsider laying traps again or at least have a hard time setting them. They shouldn’t feel bad limping is better than dying, which is usually what happens to the injured wolves. This will not be necessary if the legal system and agencies for the protection of wildlife would be doing what they are suppose to do.

  9. What is wrong with people, these traps are so inhumane and cruel. Those that use them need their fat heads shoved in one of these of traps!

  10. Recreational!!!??? Only the mind of Man can be so twisted, hating its own company they prey on the most innocent. They are void of feeling anything for these angels; their screams, their pleading eyes. Such devastation as well as commercially so some cowardly narcissistic individual can feel wickedly superior wearing what belonged to tortured beings?!! The species Man keeps proving that it is a plague to this planet and all it’s species. The cries of Mercy would be deafening if on “the other foot”.

  11. Just as usual, our Government, doing what they do best, KILLING.So very ashamed of them, from the top guy to the low lifes’s below him, the killing goes on and we mere citizens are ignored while the children get special treatment to do their killing. Such inhumanity, we all should be making waves big time to stop this insanity be it wildlife persecution to our farm animals sadistic treatment.

  12. Janet Garraghan says:

    Yet another murderous state! How the hell are they allowed to get away with such a blasé attitude towards the lives and suffering of animals plus a complete disregard for the world around them! Disgusting!

  13. Put a leg trap on the losers that put them out to harm innocent animals — try one around its throat!


  15. Only humans could conceive of something so sadistic, demented and evil and inflict it on creatures who are a part of the Earth and just trying to survive in their own habitat. The torture and murder of sentient beings should not be viewed as sport, it should not even be legal. What kind of trash are we raising as human beings? What’s wrong with these people? Enough. This is sick, sick, sick.

  16. Ruth Rogers says:

    Signed @ 15831. Please sign.

  17. Pete Darby says:

    Wolves are a keystone species & need to be protected. Archaic leg traps are barbaric cruel they should not be used for ANY purpose. I had my dog out hiking a trap went off, badly smashing my dogs pasturn & leg its took months & for him to recover. His cries haunt me still. Foot/leg traps indiscriminately trigger maim. It’s bad enough my dog got hurt what if it had been one of our children???

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