Shut Down Puppy Mills That Keep Dogs in Tiny, Filthy Cages

Target: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Goal: Stop selling puppies bred in puppy mill pipelines.

Puppies are bred in high numbers, sent to a second party and eventually shipped to stores in New York. It is important that this practice stop to ensure that no puppies have to endure this type of stress or treatment.

Animal rights advocates are currently trying to make sure that this puppy breeding method, known as puppy mill pipelines, is banned in New York by supporting a potential law that would make it illegal for pet stores to sell puppies obtained in this manner. The legislation was introduced by Linda Rosenthal, who represents the 67th district in the New York State Assembly, and Senator Michael Gianaris. Implementing such a law is necessary to protect these animals, as puppies in puppy mills are stacked together tightly in small wire cages and given very little to eat or drink, never even seeing the outside world.

No animal should ever have to live in these types of conditions. Demand that puppy mills be banned in New York to ensure that no puppy ever has to experience this type of inhumane treatment. Shelters are full of animals who get euthanized every day. Supporting puppy mill pipelines will only make it so more of these animals will die lonely in cold cages.


Dear Governor Cuomo,

Legislation has recently been introduced by New York Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal and Senator Michael Gianaris that would make it illegal for pet stores in the state to sell dogs gotten through puppy mill pipelines. Unfortunately, puppies are reportedly bred in other states, sent to someone else and put for sale in pet stores. Many experts have said that puppy mills are horrible places for puppies to live, since puppies are said to be locked up tightly in small cages, barely given any food or water and never taken outside. Puppies should never be treated in this manner.

For these reasons, we demand you support legislation that would no longer allow pet stores to sell puppies gotten from puppy mill pipelines in the state of New York. Puppies are living beings, not objects that should be callously thrown in cages, forgotten about and shipped to stores, only to have to remain in cages for untold amounts of time.


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Photo Credit: The Hill


  1. laura odonnell says:

    Eradicate puppy mills immediately!!

  2. JoAnne Fraser says:

    This kind of barbaric treatment of animals is absolutely ludicrous that in this day and age where everyone fights for special rights be it racial, gender,womens rights mens rights everyone fighting for their little special treatment. Yet we look away from suffering animals that are neglected and abused all for a buck in some mill runners pocket. Lets change ghis now.2020 no more mills get a job. And adopt dont shop.the best breed is a rescue..

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