Don’t Subsidize Environmentally Destructive Coal Power

Target: Eric Holcomb, Governor of Indiana

Goal: Deny support and protection for poisonous coal-fired power plants.

Coal power may soon receive further subsidies and protection in Indiana, a move that could be disastrous for the environment. This bill, soon to be voted on by the House of Representatives, would ensure that coal power will continue to be used in the state until 2021, in an effort to suppress the clear financial and ecological advantage of green and renewable energy.

House Bill 1414, authored by Indiana Representative Edmond Soliday (R), flies in the face of both science and market trends. All indications are that coal is an increasingly unattractive investment for energy companies, while the long-term appeal and reliability and lower environmental impact of solar, wind, and nuclear energy are set only to increase in the future.

This bill would force the energy sector to delay divesting coal concerns and drive up energy prices for Indianans, all to preserve an energy source which poisons workers, ordinary citizens, and the environment.

Sign the petition below to demand that Governor Holcomb pledge to veto the bill if it comes before him.


Dear Governor Holcomb,

At a time when most of the world is waking up to the danger of coal, the progress of a bill protecting it in your state is an example of precisely what not to do in both energy production and combating climate change. If this bill were to pass, it will be nothing more than a burden to the people of your state and an obstacle to progress.

I urge you to veto this bill if and when it comes before you. The eyes of the world are on leaders like you to do what’s right and what’s sensible.


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Photo credit: Don Sniegowski

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  1. The best power would be thorium power. It is cheaper than uranium, and it doesnt chop up birds, like windmills do, and it diesnt burn them in the air, like the ‘hotspot’ coincident reflections of solar panels do. For a good, short video on ut, see this video.

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