Protect Helicopter Passengers in Wake of Deadly Crash

Target: Stephen Dickson, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration

Goal: Install crash-preventing terrain awareness systems on helicopters.

The helicopter crash that killed nine people, including former basketball star Kobe Bryant, may have been prevented if the nation’s aviation authority had taken needed action years ago. Experts investigating the crash believe the helicopter’s lack of a terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS) could have strongly contributed to the pilot’s inability to avoid impact. Worse yet, the National Transportation Safety Board claims it advised the Federal Aviation Administration to mandate these life-saving systems on passenger-heavy helicopters following a similar crash 16 years ago…to no avail.

The devastating California crash allegedly resulted from the helicopter’s high-velocity impact with a hillside. Foggy conditions in the area at the time grounded other aircraft and are theorized to have significantly impeded the pilot’s awareness of his surroundings. The TAWS system, if installed on the plane, would have likely alerted the pilot of the hillside’s proximity, potentially averting this tragedy altogether. The FAA cannot continue to let this deadly lack of oversight stand.

Sign the petition below to demand this agency finally back the implementation of a life-saving system before more lives are needlessly lost.


Dear Mr. Dickson,

In 2004, 10 people died far too soon in a Galveston, Texas helicopter crash. The National Transportation Safety Board implored this agency to support a mandatory installation of terrain awareness and warning systems onto choppers carrying six-plus passengers. The FAA responded by closing the proposal and closing the matter altogether.

Fast-forward 16 years, and this agency has another multi-victim helicopter tragedy on its hands…a tragedy that likely never had to happen. The Los Angeles helicopter crash claimed nine victims. How many more will have to lose their lives before the FAA takes the needed action? The families grieving their loved ones then and now deserve better. More so, all future consumers of air travel deserve the assurance that this federal beacon of aviation leadership is taking every measure possible to safeguard their well-being.

Help prevent the next tragedy. Make TAWS systems mandatory before you have to notify another family of insurmountable loss.


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Photo Credit: Gene Blevins

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