Support Expansion And Funding of Holocaust Education

Target: Mitch McConnell, United States Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Support multi-million dollar funding for Holocaust education.

Antisemitic crimes are on the rise in the U.S and educational programs about the Holocaust are severally lacking in funding. The House of Representatives has passed the ten-million dollar “Never Again Education Act” to remedy this issue. If the bill passes the Senate, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s education programs will be expanded to fortify students’ knowledge about this past atrocity.

“Studies show that the Holocaust is fading from public memory,” says Republican New York representative Elise Stefanik. A chillingly large percent of the millennial population does not know what Auschwitz was, nor have they ever heard of the Holocaust. Lack of knowledge plus the current political climate has led to hate crimes and ignorance spreading through the country. Holocaust deniers gain ground through this ignorance, and soon, their assertions will become the truth to the uneducated.

It is imperative that this bill pass the Senate and grow one step closer to becoming a law. If we allow history to be forgotten, we increase our chances of such atrocities happening again, and in greater measure. Sign this petition to support and push for the NAEA to pass the Senate and become a law.


Dear Senator McConnell,

The House of Representatives recently passed the multi-million dollar funding of mandatory Holocaust education. If the bill passes through the Senate, the Holocaust Memorial Museum will expand its programs to fortify today’s students’ knowledge in the wake of rising antisemitic crimes across the country.

You must pass this bill as soon as possible. While the Senate is only the next to last step in a bill becoming a law, it is an important one, and this is a very important bill. Too many children and young adults today do not know what the Holocaust is, or have even heard of it. Antisemitic hate crimes are on the rise. Holocaust deniers benefit from this ignorance, to the point where if enough people remain uneducated their assertions will be seen as the truth. We must keep the public educated about our history; if such atrocities are forgotten, they will happen again. See that this bill passes and goes one step closer to becoming a law.


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  1. Asking Mitch McConnell to approve money for holocaust education may not prove easy considering he is working in the present bigoted administration. But go for it! People need to know and learn from this horrendous past event and to never let anything like it happen again.

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    This is one of the darkest chapters in world history and it must never be forgotten.

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