Punish Pilot Allegedly Responsible for Racist Graffiti

Target: Ashley Moody, Attorney General of Florida

Goal: Harshly punish former pilot who allegedly vandalized an airport with racist and politically charged graffiti.

Former Endeavor pilot James Dees has been charged with criminal mischief after allegedly tagging public bathrooms and an elevator with racist and pro-Trump graffiti. When forced to admit to his alleged actions, Dees claimed he had “anger issues” and was “going through a tough time.”

There is simply no excuse for such behavior. Issues or not, Dees’ alleged actions were beyond reprehensible, absolutely vile. Over the past four years, hate crimes and racism have been on the rise, with people feeling free to engage in such behavior as President Trump strives to “Make America Great Again.” Graffiti may be on a lower scale than outright racial profiling or murder, but it is still a hate crime.

We cannot let this man get away with his alleged public racism and politically charged cruelty. Sign this petition to see that Dees is punished to the full extent of the law, if found guilty.


Dear Attorney General Moody,

A former airline pilot has been charged with criminal mischief after allegedly admitting to several acts of racist and politically charged vandalism. James Dees allegedly tagged several airport bathrooms and an elevator with racial slurs, xenophobic comments, and pro-Trump messages. When taken to court, he reportedly claimed anger issues and “going through a tough time” as his reasons.

These reasons are no excuse for such behavior. Hate crimes have been on the rise over the past four years, as people feel more confident in showing their xenophobia and racism due to President Trump’s words and actions. Hate crimes must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. See that Dees faces justice, if found guilty of this crime.


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Photo Credit: Javier Robles

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