Dogs Horrifically Burned by Chemicals and Hot Water Deserve Justice

Target: Durham, North Carolina District Attorney Satana Deberry

Goal: Find and prosecute person who poured hot water and chemicals on innocent dogs.

Two dogs have recently received medical treatment after having been badly burned by chemicals and hot water. Demand that whoever committed these heartless acts be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The first dog had to be put on heavy pain medication as a result of having 70 percent of his body burned. The dog has shown no signs of aggression, according to the veterinarian, likely indicating that he was not aggressive to the person who hurt him. The other dog that was treated not only had numerous wounds on his body, but he was further found to have a broken spine and leg.

Dr. Chuck Miller, the veterinarian who treated the dogs, and local law enforcement are working together to find and bring to justice the person who is committing these acts of animal abuse. Demand that everything possible be done to find this perpetrator. Innocent dogs do not deserve to be abused.


Dear District Attorney Deberry,

A local veterinarian named Dr. Chuck Miller has treated two dogs within the last four months, because they had been badly burned with chemicals and hot water. One dog was so badly burned that he was put on heavy pain medication in order to manage. The other dog who was treated had a broken spine and leg, as well as multiple wounds as a result of also having been burned by chemicals and hot water.

Both the veterinarian and local law enforcement suspect that someone is purposely trying to hurt or kill these dogs by throwing the hot water and chemicals on them. For these reasons, we demand that all efforts are made to find the person and that he or she be given the severest penalty under law. If the person who is committing these acts of animal abuse is not brought to justice, dogs will continue to get hurt and possibly die as a result of this person’s thoughtless actions.


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Photo Credit: ABC-11

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  1. As I read many of the responses to this Horrific Vile Crime, it is obvious these monsters who do these things, need to be held to new standards, that will finally make a difference!!!!! The threat of the Death Penalty, should be seriously considered. These low life, perverted morons, will continue to do what they do, without fear of reprisals otherwise!!! YES, Serious JUSTICE is needed to make this difference, IT”S TIME. Keeping prayers for those poor animals. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!

    • Naila M Johnston says:

      Yes! I agree…. just kill these responsible for such cruelties as these poor babies, I am sure, are not the first dogs to suffer…and will not be the last!! Find those responsible and hang them!!!

    • Totally agree, death penalty then they might think twice about it.

      • Wr need to find this or these persons who acted so cruelly and they need to be punished and not allowed to be free in a society of innocent animals and small children
        I hope they were able to save the dogs !!!

    • Terri Manabe says:

      Written just as I think as well. These senseless pieces of shit will not get the message unless they are threatented with their lives or torture. I think when someone has done this kind of heinous crime against innocent silent victims, dogs & cats, they should be made to stand punishment that’ll make them think twice about doing anything like this again. Same applies when criminals do vicious crimes against people.

    • Tout à fait d’accord avec vous!!!!

    • No ‘threat’ of the death penalty – make it a reality. . . in EVERY case of abuse!!!

    • There should be an animal abuser registry the same as there is a sex offender one and a child abuser one. Then we would all know who these POS’s are.

    • Hear, Hear! Oh yes there should be equality in sentencing for those who harm people and animals. Death penalty needs to be on the table. It is time to stop the spread of junk dna.


    • yes these sick ass people will continue to keep torturing our animals until we CHANGE THE LAWS….they only get a slap on the hand and are free with a little community service whereas the animals have to suffer & hopefully heal after the fact. why do we have such minimal laws regarding animal cruelty??? these officials should step up to the plate and put their big boy/girl panties on and prosecute FULLY FOR THEIR ACTIONS TO INNOCENT ANIMALS…COME ON SUCKERS, DO YOUR JOB.

  3. Throw this sick freak into a vat of hot water and chemicals. Then hang.

  4. When you catch this piece of shitgive them “an eye for an eye” punishment! They deserve it

  5. Durham, North Carolina District Attorney Satana Deberry
    Find and put to death the p[sychopathic depraved animal torturing monster who who deliberately poured hot water and chemicals on the defenceless and innocent dogs.

    The two innocent and defencelss dogs have recently received medical treatment after having been deliberately badly burned by chemicals and hot water.

    I demand that the psychopathic monster/s who deliberately committed these torturous heinous heartless acts be found and put to death.

    All animal torturers and animal murderers must be put to death by the same unimaginable heinous torture, suffering and an agonising death these psychopathic depraved vile and evil lowlife scum on our planet committed against their defenceless and innocent victims.

    This must be introduced into the Animal Protection Laws. It is the only way these lowlife psycho animal torturing animal murdering monster from hell can be stopped. Kill them all.
    Good riddance to the filthy scum on our planet.

  6. When will law enforcement take animal abuse seriously! I mean these people who do such awful things usually walk away with little or no punishment so what’s stopping them from doing it again. It should not be this way, the punishment should fit the crime!


  8. Despicable sick cruelty by a true monster. Find him and prosecute for the torture and attempted murder of these two defenceless ani,als.

  9. Lynn Skilling says:

    Find,punish then name & shame the vile bastard.Why the hell would you wan’t to make an animal suffer like that

  10. Oh please find this despicable cold-hearted mentally deranged monster who is doing this sickening and cruel thing to these poor dogs. This is inexcusable and unacceptable and unconscionable!!

  11. Agree all comments get these fuckers and pour it on them . Justice needs to change and owning animals.

  12. What really needs to start happening is for all of us who really care about animals when we hear about something that happens so horrific but the law fails the animals that were hurt, we the rescue community need to take the law into your own hands. I have read and sign countless petitions about situations just like this but I’ve never come across one that was in my community. If I ever hear of something like this that happened in my community and the law did not prosecute to the full extent of the law I am pretty sure I would take the lawn my own hands in the shower some real justice! I challenge you to do the same if this is your community that this happened in do something,make life for that person a living hell. Even if it’s childish even if it’s just peanut butter on his front door Knob or maple syrup on his car or whatever to whatever degree something should happen more than just a slap on the wrist to these monsters. More times than not I think to myself that I wouldn’t mind hurting someone very badly that did stuff like this to animals and I’m pretty sure I would sleep like a baby! I’m sure you would too

    • Anja Stöcker says:

      kc You are so right!!! this is exactly my opinion. we have to take the law in our hands and give these bastards what they earn, so that they never hurt animals again.

  13. Karen Mckay says:

    A sick dangerous individual. May they reap as they sow, a curse on thier miseerable life. May the court show them no mercy.

  14. These people are Sadists!! Catch them and PUNISH to the very Maximum!!~!

  15. Nena Miller says:

    Just shoot them, they are seriously a danger and they are useless to this world

  16. Can you imagine people in the so-called ‘Bible’ belt of the USA where religion is indoctrinated like communism do such horrible and unimaginable deeds? The person or persons must be caught, put in prison and tortured the same way as he tortured these innocent animals.

  17. There not a good enough justice for the scums that’s did this!!! Cut both their hands off than let them burn!!!!

  18. Justin Recht says:

    If found, please do same to teach a lesson!

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