Stop Dangerous Stealth Acid Fracking

Target: Ken Cronin, CEO of Onshore Oil and Gas

Goal: Stop UK gas and oil company from dodging the fracking ban via stealth methods.

Onshore Oil and Gas is dodging the UK government’s recently-imposed fracking moratorium via acid fracking, a shocking discovery made by anti-fracking campaigners. This is known as “fracking by stealth,” using a method less attention-grabbing than drilling and forcing gases, but it is still fracking nonetheless.

Industry representatives claim that this method is “standard practice and should not cause concern,” comparable to removing limescale buildup from a tea kettle. This could not be further from the truth. Acid fracking is still a means of forcing gases from the earth which is extremely dangerous. It can still do severe damage to the soil and local plant life, as well as contribute to the decline in many wildlife species and contaminate the air people breathe.

No method of fracking should be given a free pass. Sign this petition to demand the Onshore Oil and Gas company stop evading the fracking ban.


Dear Mr. Cronin

Your company’s methods of dodging the recent fracking ban are dishonest and just as dangerous as traditional fracking. Your claims that acid fracking is “standard procedure” and comparisons to natural erosion are faulty at best; acid fracking may not be as forceful as drilling and puncturing, but it still releases dangerous gases that contaminate the air, water, and soil.

The method may be different, but the end goal is still dangerous for the environment and all living creatures. You are abusing a loophole in the fracking moratorium to bring in money for your company, and that is unacceptable. Fracking is dangerous, no matter what the methods used, and your company must stop this sneaky, underhanded means of dodging the ban.


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