Stop Inhumane Trafficking of Pangolins for Their Scales

Target: Li Keqiang, Premier of China

Goal: Stop the inhumane poaching of pangolins and trafficking of their scales.

Over 100,000 pangolins were killed for their scales throughout 2019, and that number continues to rise. Chinese customs seized over 20 metric tons of pangolin scales and detained the 18 suspected smugglers, but this has done little to stop the slaughter of these innocent animals due to China being one of the biggest buyers of their scales.

All eight species of pangolin are at heavy risk of extinction, with almost none remaining in the wilds of southeast Asia and very few remaining in Africa. Pangolin scales are a hot commodity among cultures who believe they have medicinal properties, not unlike tiger bones and rhino horns throughout other parts of the world. These medicinal properties have yet to be proven and most likely do not exist; therefore, these animals have died for nothing.

We cannot let these beloved and adorable animals continue to die based on a myth. Sign this petition to demand strict enforcement of anti-poaching laws that could prevent the extinction of this species.


Dear Premier Li,

Thousands of pangolins have been slaughtered wholesale for their scales, which people believe contain medical properties much like tiger bones and rhino horns. As was with the case of the bones and horns, however, there is no scientific proof of these beliefs; these adorable animals have died for nothing.

Pangolins are nearly extinct across the globe, with all eight species listed as critically endangered. Commercial trade of the animals and any part of them is illegal according to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, yet the poaching continues due to a high demand for pangolin scales. You must put a stop to the poaching of these innocent animals before they disappear forever.


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Photo Credit: David Brossard

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