Ban Destructive Acid Fracking That Pollutes Water Sources

Target: Andrea Leadsom, UK Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy

Goal: Close legal loopholes allowing energy companies to continue fracture mining with the use of acid.

The UK’s arbitrary definition of fracking has paved the way for a particularly frightening new form of the practice: fracking with acid. This can come in one of two forms: matrix acidizing, in which acid is inserted into rock at low pressures to dissolve it, which opponents describe as “fracking by stealth”; or acid fracking, the use of high-pressure acid to quickly and violently break apart the rock. Both methods have the same effects of more conventional forms of fracking while having the additional danger of introducing acid into water tables and sources.

With the increasing likelihood of the use of acid fracking, the loopholes in the United Kingdom’s 2019 fracking moratorium are becoming clearer every day. The UK’s legal definition of fracking, that it involves large volumes of fluid to break rock, is inadequate, opponents say, because any amount of fluid can be used for fracking; it’s the process that defines it, not the fluid. Professor Stuart Haszeldine of the University of Edinburgh has shown in his research that 89% of the oil wells and 43% of the gas wells fracked in the United States from 2000-2010 would not be legally defined as fracking in the UK, proving gaps exist for companies to exploit both the ban and fixed regulation of fracking.

Sign below and demand that the United Kingdom not allow the continuation of abusive and destructive mining practices.


Dear Mrs. Leadsom,

Due to a needlessly vague definition of fracking, Britain may soon face a newer, more aggressive form of the practice in acid fracking. This practice, while not technically fracking under UK law, has the same destructive potential and negative environmental effects as its more conventional counterpart while also introducing acid into rural water sources.

I demand that you halt or prevent the introduction of acid fracking and matrix acidizing until they can be more fully reviewed and redefine fracking to reflect industrial, international, and sensible norms.


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Photo credit: Frack Free Lancashire

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  1. I agree with your thougts. Such polutions must be excluded and the government must make everything possible to claim doing such things.

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