Fight for Fair Impeachment Trial

Target: Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Allow witnesses and new evidence in Trump impeachment trial.

An impeachment trial is a monumental matter for any country, and this process should take place in the most fair and impartial manner. Currently, the two chambers of Congress are engaged in a dispute over the calling of witnesses and the introduction of new evidence during the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. In America, these basic fundamentals of any legal proceeding should be a given.

Would the American public take seriously a trial in any part of the country in which witness testimony of key parties and inclusions of pertinent evidence were excluded from the start? Arguably the most important trial in modern history should not be held to a lesser standard. While impeachment trials are not criminal proceedings, they share important characteristics with U.S. legal proceedings, including prosecutors, defense counsel, a judge, and a jury that takes an oath of impartiality.

Sign this petition to demand the Senate make the upcoming impeachment proceeding a model, not a refutation, of American justice.


Dear Senator McConnell,

As senators, you and your colleagues take an oath to serve the people. Polls indicate that upwards of 75 percent of Americans, regardless of political affiliation, want a full account—including witnesses and comprehensive evidence presentations—in the impeachment trial of their president. Do not deny the people their wish, and do not deny American democracy some of its most fundamental foundations.

Political considerations should not drive this process. You and your colleagues also took an oath of impartiality…an oath for a full and transparent hearing of the facts without preconceptions. While the former may be too much to ask, you can at the very least honor the second part of this oath. The American public should hear from all relevant parties, and nearly every day introduces new evidence and insights. Even members of your own party recognize the historic nature of this trial and the incredible responsibility that comes with it. They have signaled support for a complete trial.

Please stop treating this process as a political inconvenience that needs to be dismissed as quickly as possible. Do not conduct a show trial but a real trial underpinned by a search for the truth. The American people deserve nothing less.


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Photo Credit: Lawrence Jacks

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  1. Julie Bates says:

    Mitch McConnell is such a ball sucker to Trump
    Bet he’s getting $$$$ for it
    The world LAUGHS !!!!


  3. Mary F Harrington says:

    You know how the criminals always gets the breaks now a days. That’s because the democrats are thick as thieves. And no matter what it takes, no matter who will disappear magically, they know the escape route and will get away with murder.

  4. Kate Scarratt says:

    Watching the impeachment proceedings as a non-American, I’m astonished at the amount of power given to the American President and his supporters in the Senate. Moscow Mitch has been blocking legislation passed by Congress, all the while blaming Congress for not getting on with its job. Now he’s protecting a man who has publicly asked both the Ukraiane and China to investigate the Bidens – to interfere in internal US matters. I saw him do it on TV, and he hasn’t denied it. There should be a fair trial.

  5. Jose Espino says:

    If you watch closely at the expressions of Nancy Pelosi when indicating the president has a pending impeachment trial, you understand there is more hate than sense in her expression. The same goes, but not at the same level, for many of the other democrats involved. We are looking at a president who is living up to his promise of making America great again but in the process he has pinched a few democrats nerves and they don’t like it. The rest is all about envy. Ex president Barack Obama for unknown reasons or consent released prisoners, some known terrorists, from Guantanamo Base back in 2017, of course being a democrat there were no questions asked.

  6. I am absolutely shocked and disappointed in a congress that is no longer for the people, but for themselves. That is not what there job is. But greed, hatred and lies are the only thing that shines on the people of congress as well as Trump. And it’s EVERYDAY!! Our children and grandchildren everywhere are seeing/hearing what these old F@#€s are doing and the world has become evil, greedy and so selfish. They(congress)have gone way passed their expiration date and need to step aside. The power they all have as politicians in congress & Trump is so F/U!!! No one should EVER have that kind of power, NO ONE!! We need to somehow eliminate the evil our own government has created and try like hell to bring some sanity back in our lives!!!! Make this a fair trial and than we can hopefully move on to a better world!!!

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