Save Wildlife From Climate Change-Induced Wildfires

Target: Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

Goal: Protect hundreds of millions of wildlife from death by global warming.

The bushfires ravaging Australia have caused a devastating death toll amongst the most at-risk living beings. According to reports, a stunning half a billion animals have fallen victim to the flames and smoke so far. These deceased animals are the most prominent victims yet of a raging human-caused epidemic that the Australian government will not acknowledge or act upon. If this country’s leaders do not take urgent action, more wildlife species could disappear forever.

Devastating images of birds falling from the sky and fleeing kangaroos have become tragic symbols of the wildfires wreaking havoc on Australia’s bushland. Too many animals cannot escape the living hell descending on them, as heartbreakingly embodied by the charred koalas dotting the landscape. Perhaps the worst part of this ongoing environmental crisis is the knowledge that Australia’s leadership is actively avoiding measures that would ensure such ravaging events do not happen again.

A scorching, unprecedented Australian summer enabled and fueled this disaster. Concerned citizens have implored their leaders to adopt stronger environmental policies and to ease the country’s production of greenhouse gas-emitting coal. In response, their prime minister has scoffed at climate change activists and openly resisted policies aimed at safeguarding the environment and living populations from this imminent threat.

Sign the petition below to demand Prime Minister Scott Morrison show the leadership necessary and urgently needed during Australia’s ongoing crisis.


Dear Prime Minister Morrison,

The human death toll from the wildfires has thankfully remained at a relatively low 17. The living beings who do not benefit from the transportation resources to outrun this disaster have not been so lucky, however. To date, Australia has lost half a billion of its wildlife.

Think about that number for a moment, and think about the natural heritage Australia is sacrificing by the day. How many more birds will fall from the sky? How many more openly exposed animals will be charred beyond recognition? How many more glaciers will blacken or plants wither to death before you acknowledge the full gravity of this crisis?

As an increasing number of plants and animals die and more human beings suffer, you will not always be able to retreat to the safety of cut-short trips. You must stop making excuses and start taking action. Begin by actually listening to the scientists who have long warned you of such disasters and of the world that will result if immediate, meaningful action is not taken on the existential threat of climate change. Heed the words of those everyday citizens who want a life and a country free from the coal industry that represents a past of toxicity and death.

Look to a future full of life, progression, and a cleaner, healthier Australia….before this future burns to ashes.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Mitchell Lyons


  1. Australian Pm & all his drop kick henchmen should walk into the flames of this burning Country & go to hell where they belong…. this all their fault,,, they never ever listen to all the experts (scientists, Professors, Animal & Environmental Experts)about climate change,causing such misery,, The loss of life to people & property, Mass extinction of Wild Animals, All the Farm Animals(the forgotten victims) that have perished in this heart breaking man made disaster, cutting $400 million dollars from Rural Fire Services, how can these poor over worked fire fighters possibly put these fires out????? they can’t, the government has taken away so much from RFS, it’s impossible. It’s very suspicious to take all these resources away & then the catastrophe happens,,, even evil smut that have deliberately lite some of these fires are have been let off,,,, already back in the community!!!! REALLY!!!! & its very obvious the way these fires are burning & no urgency from PMscott morrison what so ever!!! hell,,,, he even goes on a fucking holiday in the middle of it all & is only now trying to look like he gives a shit because just about the whole country hates his guts!!! AUSTRALIA IS BURNING & WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF WATER. NOT TO MENTION THE GOVERNMENT IS ALLOWING SO MUCH WATER TO BE WASTED!!! How is he fit to be our PM???? he is NOT. while he is,,, WE ARE ALL DOOMED !!!!!

  2. Soulless and evil people in power are hell bent on destroying this world because of Greed!

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