Don’t Endanger Air Travelers With Weakened Airport Security

Target: David Peter Pekoske, Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration

Goal: Beef up life-saving security at America’s airports.

America’s most vital agency for air travel safety is willfully putting air travel consumers at dire risk, according to a whistleblower for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Jay Brainard, a TSA official based in Kansas, claims several important security measures that could save travelers’ lives are being curtailed in the name of speed and profit. Worse yet, Brainard says regulatory agencies and higher-ups he has contacted with his concerns have ignored the alarm bells.

Among the most egregious infractions, Brainard alleges critical equipment meant to prevent dangerous weaponry from finding its way onto planes is being deliberately weakened. These weaknesses include less sensitive metal detectors and disabled tech within x-ray machines. Even conveyor belts have not escaped the “relaxed” new standards. Further, some travelers are apparently allowed to conduct their own pat-downs. Brainard ends his warning with one disturbing summation: “current security measures are hopelessly inadequate to stop another terrorist attack.”

Sign this petition to demand the TSA wake up and take action that will put consumers’ lives over their pocketbooks.


Dear Mr. Pekoske,

The Transportation Security Administration originated from a deep desire to prevent another tragedy like the transformative terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, 2001. This fundamental call to action should be deeply ingrained within the TSA’s mission. Why, then, are you allegedly “relaxing” the very measures instituted for just this cause? If the allegations brought against the TSA are true, this organization has committed an inexcusable dereliction of duty.

Metal detectors, x-ray machines, and even manual pat-downs may be an inconvenience and may raise costs, but these trade-offs are more than worth even one life saved. For the safety of consumers, the price will never be too high. Please take the oath of duty you swore by more seriously.

Strengthen security protections and help safeguard this nation from another watershed moment born of preventable tragedy.


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