Stop Dumping of Toxic Slaughterhouse Waste Into Waterways

Target: Andrew R. Wheeler, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States

Goal: Stop allowing slaughterhouses to pollute waterways.

Every year, over 4,000 slaughterhouses dump loads of toxic waste into the water thanks to water pollution standards that have not been updated since the 1970s. Environmental and community groups are now collectively suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for allowing slaughterhouses to pollute the country’s waterways and oceans. Demand that the EPA take a stand against this toxic problem.

Not only is the EPA’s refusal to update these standards dangerous for the environment, it is illegal. The Clean Water Act requires yearly reviews of pollution standards, which the EPA has declined to do. Thanks to their lax policies, the waterways become clogged with blood, oil, grease, and fats. The pathogens in these substances create the algae blooms responsible for the disappearance of various sea life and many rivers and streams are becoming public health hazards.

The EPA cannot continue to let this happen. Sign this petition to demand they comply with the law and update their water standards for slaughterhouses.


Dear Administrator Wheeler,

Slaughterhouses are releasing all manner of animal products and their pathogens into America’s waterways, thanks to outdated water pollution standards. Legally, you are required to review and update the water pollution standards for all facilities, but you have not updated the ones for the 5,000 slaughterhouses across the country. This has led to environmental destruction and created a public health hazard.

The standards for slaughterhouses have not been updated since the 1970s, and the waterways have suffered greatly for it. Animal byproducts and their pathogens clog the waterways, resulting in algae blooms that choke sea life and make rivers and streams into public health hazards. You cannot continue to allow this. It is the EPA’s responsibility to keep all aspects of the environment safe and clean, and you must update the standards for slaughterhouses to comply with the law.


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Photo Credit: Keith Evans


  1. Shut down all slaughterhouses and factory farms! Enough already!

  2. We all need to vote Trump out of office (if he doesn’t get impeached first). He and his administration have chipped away at the EPA and all it stands for from the moment he got into office. This office (EPA) was started to protect the Earth and it’s inhabitants. Now it’s just one more thing that is going down the drain.

    • absolutely need to get that heartless bastard out of office. he has no care of concern for our environment at all much less the wildlife that deserves to live.

  3. Wheeler does not care about this country, he’s already shown that. He’s all about letting corporate America off the hook for any and all damage done to the environment, just like his boss. Psychos are in charge right now so if you wan this to stop make sure you vote these losers out in 2020.

  4. Then, what is the EPA really suppose to do?

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