Stop Crushing Turkeys’ Necks With Pliers

Target: Mike Coupe, CEO of Sainsbury’s

Goal: Drop farm with alleged history of animal cruelty from turkey supply chain.

This year’s Christmas dinners in Britain are allegedly coming at the expense of countless turkeys suffering inhumane, barbaric deaths. A three-month-long investigation by an animal advocacy group yielded some horrific accusations against one of the country’s most expansive turkey producers, Gravel Farms. In deeply disturbing footage, a worker can reportedly be seen snapping two distressed turkeys’ necks with a pair of pliers. This outrageous action could represent just a small sampling of the cruelty these vulnerable birds may endure at the farm.

The use of such “neck crushing devices” is strongly discouraged by the RSPCA and the Humane Slaughter Association. Even turkeys that did not suffer this indignity still seemingly received horrid treatment, according to the investigation. Many birds apparently died from untreated injuries and wounds. While the country’s most prominent food standards agency has dropped Gravel Farms from its supply chain, the large supermarket chain that sustains much of this farm’s business has not taken similar steps.

Sign this petition to demand the Sainsbury’s supermarket chain stop enabling and paying for allegedly widespread animal cruelty.


Dear Mr. Coupe,

The recent footage unearthed from Gravel Farms depicting seemingly grotesque animal cruelty should be a moment of awakening. Have you witnessed the horrific conditions and treatment the turkeys that this farm supplies to you reportedly endure? If you by some chance have not, let’s elaborate.

At least two distressed, innocent living beings allegedly had their necks brutally broken by a worker with crushing pliers. Several more birds reportedly lived for days and weeks with open, increasingly severe wounds to which many eventually succumbed. Is this inhumanity the welfare and hygiene standard that your respected organization desires to present to the public?

If not, make the right decision and act against this alleged cruelty. Don’t support such barbaric atrocities with your money or your silence.


[Your Name Here.]

Photo Credit: SWNS


  1. The human species never ceases to disgust and sicken me with the level of depravity they can sink too, when the innocent and precious Wildlife and innocent animals are involved.
    No innocent and helpless animals deserves to be tortured to death just to fill the guts of the rotten lowlife human species.

  2. Gravel Farm soud be closed down and if Sainsbury’s continueto sell items from this farm you should boycott shopping there. Shame on Sainsbury’s for condoning such animal abuse Don’t turkeys suffer enough! Buy yourturkey from an RSPCA approved

  3. Maria Bertrand says:

    You SONS OF BITCHES! Have you not a crumb of HUMANITY!

    I hope you all get your necks CRACKED by PLIERS. UGLY HUMAN MONSTERS!


  4. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Why do the British eat turkeys in any case? It’s an American tradition (for Thanksgiving). The British AREN’T Americans. Or are you THAT desperate to emulate your distant cousins across the pond, just to get out of the EU and become second-grade Americans?

    • lee whitehall says:

      One could present the inverse argument of the use of many animals that were used in british farming prior to the settlement in America. Guess what, Americans farm those same animals.
      Then there is the fact that you are basically using a language created by your “distant cousins”

  5. Agree all comments get this worker snap his neck. Cruel bastards.
    Stop this now whrs wrong with laws and people. Goverment should step in.

    This should be STOPPED!!~!!~~!~!~

  7. Dolores Proubasta says:

    Eating other animals, any animal, is enabling those who torture and kill them in barbarous ways. Let’s stop the demand for turkey, beef, pork, and all sentient beings who bleed, fear, suffer, and cry like us. There is no excuse to eat others even if the killing were painless … which it never is.

  8. Annelien Smith says:

    Animal cruelty is a sin

  9. Crush the neck with pliers of the sick freak(s) who did this.

  10. Mother fuckers and their $$$$€€€€€£££££
    GREED. ban the company fine them HEAVILY
    NOOOO MORE TURKEY SELLING EVER FOR THIS COMPANY!!!! But noooo nobody has the balls to do it !!

  11. Nadine Brundage says:

    This is so horrific, how the hell do you disgusting, demented, subhumans sleep at night. This type of torture is unbelievable and needs to be stopped.


  13. Stop the killing of innocent turkeys that are killed in such a cruel horrible way!!! Even turkeys feel pain & deserve to be treated better. Shame on those who have no compassion for animals!!!

  14. Janet Garraghan says:

    What!! This is an utter abomination!! Despicable! Disgraceful! An embarrassment!!! Think again Sainsbury’s!!!

  15. Crush the necks of everyone involved in this !!!

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