Don’t Cancel American Diversity Class in Wisconsin High School

Target: Delavan-Darien District superintendent, Robert Crist

Goal: Allow a Wisconsin high school to teach students about white privilege in its American Diversity classes

Delavan-Darien High School in Wisconsin recently started receiving complaints from parents after they discovered that an American Diversity course had been educating students about the concept of white privilege. The parents fear that this lesson will be divisive and cause white students to feel guilty. The school’s superintendent, Robert Crist, has stated in response that he was not aware that the instructor had been presenting such “radical” views, and that it is only appropriate to teach progressive theories when conservative views are also introduced. Crist has temporarily canceled the class while the school comes up with guidelines for making the class more acceptable to white parents.

While it is reasonable to request that students be presented with unbiased information, the concept of white privilege and the reality of institutional racism are not subjective progressive ideas; they are facts that are taught in many universities and supported by countless studies. Most Americans will accept that although progress has been made, racism still exists in American society, and that people of color continue to face discrimination in areas such as education, employment, housing, and the justice system. Many white Americans are less willing to accept that those disadvantages are necessarily balanced out by advantages, because they often go unnoticed by the people who benefit from them. Introducing the idea of white privilege is not meant to blame white people for racism, but to make them aware of how this inequality puts them at an advantage. It is that awareness that will enable Americans to work collectively to overcome racism.

The purpose of a class such as this one is to challenge students to change their perspectives, since courses such as history and literature are generally taught from a white perspective and often ignore the lives and contributions of Americans of color. Bringing attention to the advantages of whiteness does not mean that white people cannot experience disadvantages; there are other types of privileges related to class, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, among others. Examples of privilege are not usually presented to those who benefit from it, but when they are given those examples, their privileges become more obvious, and they begin to gain a more complete understanding of the effects of inequality.

Racism cannot exist without white privilege, and it is only when people are made aware of that privilege that they can attempt to eliminate it. Delavan-Darien High School must allow its American Diversity classes to discuss white privilege so that students can gain a thorough understanding of racism and help move their community closer to equality.


Dear Robert Crist,

Delavan-Darien High School recently received complaints from parents about an American Diversity class that was teaching students about the important concept of white privilege. The class was then canceled because the instructor was not balancing out those theories with equally “radical” right wing theories. While it is understandable that you would want students to receive unbiased information, the idea of white privilege is neither radical nor biased.

Racism causes disadvantages for certain groups of people and those disadvantages mean that other groups necessarily have advantages. Therefore, the idea of racism is incomplete if it is not presented along with the idea of white privilege. White students must begin to understand that although they are not at fault for the institutional racism that exists in the United States and in their communities, they do receive unfair benefits resulting from that racism.

It is impossible to overcome racism without first acknowledging the existence of white privilege. Students at this high school have the opportunity to learn about an idea that many white students do not understand, and with that knowledge, they will have the power to help defeat racism. Please allow this class to continue studying racism and white privilege so that those students will have the knowledge to help their community progress beyond racism.


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  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    Diversity is one of the cornerstones of society yet there is so much racism and discrimination that i coming in the form of White nationalism and superiority. Don’t cancel this class.

    • You are welcome to celebrate your joyous diversity.

      And I can celebrate and enjoy mono-culturalism. Diversity is not a Constitutional mandate. It is a social experiment. And it is a failure.

      Go and tell the Chinese in China they should be diverse. Or how about telling the homogenous Japanese population that they aren’t diverse enough.

      Please cancel this class.

  2. Cancel this class. It’s Left wing indoctrination of students.
    Idea that non whites are so oppressed by Whites is a political opinion created by racist Radical Left. By this they are brainwashing white students to hate themselves while in the meantime they are brainwashing Blacks andLatinos to hate Whites. This is example of cultural Marxism which could be easily linked to Frankfurt School. It is a dangerous social engineering.
    This is how it started with Jews in 1930’s.
    It will not surprise me that if we tolerate this. Leftists will built the concentration camps for white students only, controlled by drones.
    maybe it’s only matter of time.
    Anti white genocide in South Africa,Zimbabwe and USA Whites are being killed in massive hate crimes and Liberal and leftwing owned media is not reporting anything to the news.If media is silent about something bad that means they are supporting it.
    Now on the top of that we need more hate toward Whites encouraged by education I don’t think so!!
    This program is teaching that only people capable of racism are Whites.
    Left wing Academics should be kicked out of schools and should be locked up in Prisons.
    Practicing politics on students is Illegal.
    Multiculturalism is political doctrine and shouldn’t be though at schools.

  3. The idea that people of color are still oppressed and discriminated against in the US is a fact, not a left wing opinion. It’s a fact that students of color are more likely to be punished in school even though they’re not any more likely than white students to break the rules. It’s a fact that black and Latino men are more likely than white men to be pulled over and searched, even though white men are more likely to have drugs or weapons. It’s a fact that white men with criminal records are more likely to get hired for a job than black men without criminal records. These are just a few examples of the inequality in education, employment, and the criminal justice system. People of color are also discriminated against in healthcare and housing, in addition to having to put up with racist individuals and racism in every form of media.

    The purpose of teaching these facts to students is not to turn the students of color against the white students. It would not have that effect because the instructors would not be teaching students of color anything that they do not already know. On the other hand, white privilege allows white students to ignore these facts until a program such as this one dares to enlighten them. Making white students aware of their privilege will help them stop any racist behaviors, and if anything, bring students of color and white students closer together because the white students would become less racist and less frustrating for people of color to be around.

    This type of program should be teaching that only people of color experience racism because it’s true. White people do occasionally experience race-based prejudice and discrimination, but they do not experience systemic racism. White people can be insulted by people of color, but they cannot be oppressed because white people still have the power in the US and they are still the oppressors.

    Also, “white genocide” hasn’t been covered by reputable new sources because it doesn’t exist.

    • Sorry but school system is pitting on White students because simply stating that Whites are suppose to feel guilty.This is practice of the White guilt. Scapegoating Whites for everything. In all courses I took in College I found Left wing propaganda. White men are more likely to have drugs and weapons than Latinos and Blacks how can you prove this for 100% according to who. Is so opinionated are you checking their pockets. To me this sounds like a Left wing racist/sexist theory. White man – biggest problem in the world school is spreading a pure propaganda. Black men have Affirmative Actions. AA actions can give a job to a less qualified Black person with criminal record over a very well qualified White person with college degree and no criminal record. Blacks can get scholarship according to their race and Latinos. Whites can’t . Blacks and Latinos can have their History months. Whites can’t. Blacks and Latinos can have their own race clubs on campus that is only for them to get racially united. Whites can’t.If you are white girl or White guy and you prefer to date in your own race you are called Racist but If Hispanics and Blacks do the same thing they are encouraged. Blacks and Latinos can have their own separated schools if they want that are only for them Whites can’t. There are 1000 of children in USA that are dying from starvation every year and most of this children are not Black or Latino they are White children. If a White person is defending his or her race they will be called Racists but if Blacks or Latinos do the same thing for their race they are called heroes. If you as a White person do not have a right to defend yourself that mean that you don’t have a right to exist as a White Person. Whites don’t even have a right to be recognized as a culture.

      Racism in all forms of Media do you know that Frankfurt School of politics control psychology of Hollywood films. There is a lot of Anti White propaganda in television and film Industry as well. If you are not promoting Anti Colonial ,Anti Christian, Anti European and multicultural agenda in Films to satisfy Neo Liberals who are rating your films on Film Festivals there is no way you can become a filmmaker. They will give you your film back and tell you this is not what we are looking for. That’s how much power they have. Speaking of Media every time when the white person is a victim of racially motivated hate crime Rape, Murder or anything Media is avoiding to report that but when it’s the other way around when White man is attacker all Media is there,it’s all over the news.If media knows about something bad that is happening and they are not reporting that that means they are supporting it. In music industry in Rap. I heard words “I will take the gun and shoot a White man” I will Rape the White Bitch” “I will kill all crackers.” and guess what Media is allowing all this and people who spread racism against Whites in Rap music are heroes.

      Speaking of Racial Genocide left wing politically correct owned media is ignoring this. Look at the South Africa how White minorities are treated there by Black controled Government? Blacks are murdering them on massive scale women and children are main victims. Those Whites are Farmers .They are not even alowed to come to USA and start new life here.USA government won’t allow them in but they are allowing illegal alliens doesn’t look to me like a white privilege . Look into Zimbabwe there were 44000 Whites who were murdered in racial Genocide by Black leader Robert Mugabe and his Thugs.Those Whites were just a farmers. According to USA justice Department statistics there are annually 36000 White women who are raped by the Black Males.Media is covering all this up. These Whites are scared to go on the streets and protest for their own rights because they will be called racists. Left wingers use the word racist to silence them. Also, “white genocide” hasn’t been covered by reputable new sources because it doesn’t exist.Reputable new sources. Sources that are not confirmed to exist by Southern Poverty Law Center , ADL, and Columbian University for Social Science and Research and Left wing academics. Those are the organizations and people who are writing sources for a Left wing propaganda.That’s why they are propbably not reputable sources behind all these organizations is political cult call Cultural Marxism. Even behind our education.(Indoctrination)

      Discrimination in housing well one time I spoke with my Black neighbor and he said “oh I am Black man they are charging me too high 1500 a month”. I lived right a-crossed the street in same size house and they were charging me 1800 a month and I am White and I told him that he was surprised. Do not forget that everybody will try to avoid ghetto areas because of high crime rates which is logical. Even Liberals who are promoting mixing are the one buying houses in fancy gated pre dominantly White communities.On the other hand they are telling everyone else to mix.

      Leftist and Liberals are stealing history from Whites and rewriting them to be a history of Blacks and they are getting away with it. This is a crime

      Forcing students to wear the white wristband is pretty much same model Of Nazi Germany and Jews. This is how started with Jews and yellow star.
      Now it’s Whites

      Speaking of Racial Territories Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians,Latin America for Latinos,White countries for everyone. Whites do not have a right for their own little country where they can preserve themselves.

      Sorry but all this do not look to me as a White privilege .
      I know how Leftists operate they believe that USA is run by the White Christian Fascist system and now indoctrination of students with radical left wing political propaganda.
      I do not trust to education like this

      I wonder what will happen to White students who reject this class are they going to be Punished? Probably yes

      I have a two college degrees I earned hard do to English being my second language. I have a hard time finding a Job rejections everywhere so much of a White privilege.

      If you ask me Cancel the class.
      Sorry but I have a different views

  4. Cancel it! Please! Stop blaming “Whitey” for everything!

    I don’t receive Affirmative Privilege.

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