End War on Peaceful And Just Trade Resolution

Target: Ambassador Dennis Shea, U.S. Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organization

Goal: Support the deliberative resolution of global trade disputes.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) will soon lose the “umpire of the world” when the entity’s high court for settling trade disputes shutters. The United States’ wholesale blockade of new judge appointees will effectively cripple this important deliberative body and leave both global businesses and consumers around the world vulnerable to unchecked, free-for-all trade wars. While the Trump Administration touts a supposed victory in self-created trade disputes with Canada and Mexico, it has now taken a hammer to worldwide trade and further destabilized the global economy.

The World Trade Organization evolved from a desire to open free and fair trade to economies worldwide. The high appellate court of the WTO helps establish important rules for fair trade and keeps any one country from abusing its economic might. As President Trump escalates trade disputes (most notably with China), he has taken frequent aim at the WTO and its attempts to keep global trade from devolving into a series of incredibly detrimental, bilateral “tit-for-tat” trade wars. Such disputes can undermine industrial profits and exponentially raise prices for consumers on a wide variety of imported products. Most concerning of all, the ripple effects from global economic uncertainty can too easily escalate into armed conflicts where lives replace money as the ultimate cost.

Sign this petition to demand the United States stop fueling global trade crises that will hurt average citizens the most.


Dear Ambassador Shea,

Two world wars brought humanity to agreement on one fundamental principle: this planet and its people may not survive another global conflict. On the same day that you proclaimed a trade victory, you also helped demolish one of the primary forces for honoring this global understanding of mediation and peaceful resolution over unchecked bloodshed. The World Trade Organization and its high appellate court may have flaws, but just like democracy itself, these grand experiments need the space and time to flourish and evolve.

Progress takes time, which may be inconvenient for those who seek to impose their will on others through sheer force. For everyday citizens, though—the individuals who must bear the burdens of destabilized businesses and crushing “price adjustments”—the investment is well worth the effort. Nothing good will come from decimating the one organization in the world that stands between free, fair trade and a chain reaction of global economic chaos. When one of this nation’s representatives proclaimed “we are in a crisis moment for our global trading system,” this statement was not hyperbole. You helped make it an alarming truth.

Act as a true ambassador should. Stop contributing to the chaos and encourage a restoration of the WTO’s primary dispute resolution body…for consumers, for businesses, and for global stability and security.


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Photo Credit: Azheado via Wikimedia.

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