Stop Discriminating Against Women Credit Card Holders

Target: David M. Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

Goal: End sexist credit checks for Apple Card applicants.

Apple Card, a new credit card intended to be used with Apple Pay and backed and designed by Goldman Sachs, was released in August of 2019. But something troubling soon became apparent: male applicants were getting significantly higher credit offers, as much as 20 times the equivalent for a female applicant.

Even Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple, has claimed that he received an offer ten times higher than that of his wife.

It seems the problem lies with the algorithm used by Goldman Sachs to determine reliability and credit-worthiness, but the enormous discrepancy has yet to be explained by officers of that company. There is every indication that the company is using an old-fashioned view of male productivity that determines men to be more trustworthy, wealthier, and more appealing as credit card holders.

Act now to condemn this sexist discrimination and to demand that this practice be ended immediately.


Dear Mr. Solomon,

We ask that you, as CEO of Goldman Sachs, end the use of sexist credit-check algorithms. While this may not have been the intention with the Apple Card credit check, the result is insulting discrimination against productive, hard-working women.

This discrimination has no place in our world, and we urge you to end it immediately and rewrite your algorithms to account for the fact that women are equal to men in any sphere.


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Photo credit: Matias Cruz

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