Don’t Open Dirty, Polluting Coal Mine

Target: The Right Honourable Andrea Leadsom, UK Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy

Goal: Halt opening of new coal mine.

The relationship of British industry to coal is long and complex, but for the most part, recent years had seemed promising in the declining exploitation of this harmful limited resource. Mines have largely been closed and cleaner alternatives found in the 21st century. But the opening of a new deep coal mine, the Woodville Colliery, in northwestern England threatens to be a tragic step backwards.

The mine would be the first active deep coal mine in the UK since the Kellingley Colliery in Yorkshire closed in 2016. This mine also runs the risk of being particularly destructive to more than just terrestrial wildlife and air quality, as it will draw coal from off the seabed nearby.

Although a new mine would provide 500 much-needed jobs in one of the most economically-depressed regions of Britain, a country already reeling from economic inequality and wage disparity, this would be a mixed blessing to Cumbria, pinning the economic future of a portion of its inhabitants on a fuel already widely recognized to be harmful, limited, and antiquated.

By ensuring that this mine does not open, funds and public subsidies for it can be redirected to green energy and more sustainable development in the region, contributing greatly to a healthier, longer-lasting economy in Cumbria and the world in general.


Dear Minister Leadsom,

From reduced carbon emissions to laudable recycling and composting programs, renewable fuels, and efforts to restore and electrify public transportation, Britain has very nearly poised itself to be an example to follow for the world in achieving lasting green energy and sustainable infrastructure.

We look on the proposed opening of the Woodville Collierythe coal mine with sorrow, and urge you to halt its opening until more beneficial options can be given serious consideration, for the people of Britain and your fellow citizens abroad.

Coal, while a premier energy source in the past, has serious shortcomings both for long-term benefit and impact, and for its economic value in a world swiftly decreasing its dependence on it. By demonstrating your good faith and consciousness of Britain’s obligation to help reduce the damage of climate change by closing this mine, you will have set a standard for other nations to look up to while securing a place for the United Kingdom in a thoughtful and forward-thinking world.


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Photo credit: Iain Thompson

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