Continue to Halt Permits for Dangerous Fracking

Target: Gavin Newsom, Governor, California

Goal: Stop fracking from destroying’s California’s national parks and public land.

Fracking in California is stalled, saving millions of acres of land, thousands of endangered species, and millions of citizens from potentially polluted drinking water. Sign the petition to show your support for these efforts and to demand that the government continue to put the interests of citizens and the planet before major oil corporations.

Even as the federal government attempts to reopen 1.7 million acres of California land to fracking, Governor Gavin Newsom has halted all fracking permits there since June 2019. The state government says they’re investing more time and resources into reviewing the permit process. They’re putting the lives, health, and safety of the state first.

Sign the petition to support this effort. Thank the state government for stepping in to halt these permits and to ensure that California does not lose is invaluable natural landscape to big corporations.


Dear Governor Newsom,

Thank you for stalling fracking permits in your state. You have saved over 1.7 million acres of public land from destruction, have saved thousands of endangered animals from extinction, and have saved millions of California citizens from increased pollution.

You have put the needs of your citizens first. I only ask that you continue to do so and continue to halt all fracking permits in the state.


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Photo Credit: Kate Ausburn


  1. Let’s ban dihydrogen monoxide too! Our lakes and rivers are full of it, and WE need to ACT!

  2. Joshua Dearman says:

    Ignorant and clueless people, sign here!

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