End Nutrient Deprivation of Veal Calves

Target: U.S.D.A. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, (APHIS)

Goal: Require veal farmers to provide calves with milk and grasses.

Each year, close to one million male calves are slaughtered before they reach their one-month birthday just to be placed on the plates of American restaurant goers. Many claim to enjoy the tenderness of flesh that can only come from baby cows, yet few realize how terribly these calves suffer before slaughter. The barbaric treatment of veal calves has improved on a small scale throughout the United States as many citizens have pushed for better living conditions and treatment. While most would like to see the practice of harvesting veal outlawed indefinitely, approaching the issue in this manner would be ineffective, as veal is too popular a meal for U.S. restaurants to stop serving it overnight.

However, efforts can be taken to make veal meat less appetizing, and nutrient deprivation is the key to a desirable veal taste. Requiring farmers to feed calves a holistic diet can prevent veal farmers from producing the kind of meat that, for so long, has been in high demand. Tell the APHIS that baby calves must be provided with proper nutrients, specifically their mother’s milk and natural grass, in order to reduce cruelty. Because the disgusting milk powder formula is pumped with drugs and antibiotics, calves suffer iron and fiber deficiency. They are forced to develop anemia, a trait that makes their flesh pale and more appetizing to veal eaters.

Nutrient deprivation is a serious form of cruelty, especially for calves. Cows are designed to eat a diet of milk (when young), grains, grasses, and plants. They glean nutrients by grazing and, ultimately, behaving as natural cows. When they are chained up in pens for their short lives apart from their mothers and fed a useless diet of formula, they are denied basic elements that they need to live well. Because the calves are raised for slaughter, veal farmers neglect their health and raise them to make their flesh and flavorful as possible. This is sick and wrong.

Ultimately, if veal does not taste as tender and flavorful, the demand for it will decrease. In addition, if federal law states that calves must receive vital nutrients to prevent cruelty, then it is less likely that the calves will be torn away from their mothers only moments after birth. If farmers are required by law to feed calves milk and grass, it is more likely they will be allowed to roam outdoors as they should always be allowed to do. Veal production will also become more expensive and thus strain farmers from producing veal at all. Petitioning for necessary milk nutrients and grains deters farmers from cruelty in many ways. It will not end the production of veal overnight, but it is a necessary stepping-stone to take down this cruel industry once and for all.

Appeal to the APHIS to protect veal calves under federal law by requiring veal farmers to give their calves a holistic diet of milk and grass. A law must be enacted that bans farmers from sustaining calves on powdered nutrient-lacking milk substitute. Just because an animal is raised for slaughter does not permit a farmer to perform animal abuse. An improper diet is a form of cruelty.


Dear U.S.D.A. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, (APHIS),

Millions of male calves are tortured every year for the short time they spend alive before slaughter. Many United States citizens have already taken efforts to reduce the inhumane practices of the veal industry by requiring farmers to change housing conditions. In addition to cruel housing, the diet of veal calves is comprised of nutrient deficient milk powder that is pumped with drugs in attempt to reduce the calves’ muscle growth and to whiten their flesh. This is clearly cruelty, for by being denied proper nutrition, calves are treated as objects instead of sentient beings.

Please require farmers to provide their veal calves with proper nutrition, including their mother’s milk and natural grasses. Cows are beautiful creatures, and to deny them proper nutrition for growth is as cruel as denying them proper living conditions. Both result in suffering and alter the cow to an unnatural state. Ban the despicable milk formula fed to these calves, and require all veal farmers to provide a holistic diet to young cows.


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Photo Credit: Phoenix Times

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  1. To cut short an animal/birds life purely for dietary fad is evil– these creatures whilst being reared for food deserve at least to enjoy for their short lives the world that is natural to them

  2. Joyce Shulman says:

    Veals are cows’ CHILDREN-I will never understand how people accept killing and eating children.
    Eating any animal for me is wrong but, CHILDREN! That’s what they are!

  3. Absurd to feed a diet that will result in an inferior malnourished product, and shameful to eat this product of atrocity.

  4. The “diet” is only part of the inherent cruelty. Most are isolated in crates and chained for life. If a dog was treated in this manner cruelty charges would be laid. Feeding the babies better food will not end their suffering.

  5. Barbara Chichester says:

    Veal should be outlawed altogether. The suffering that these young, innocent creatures go through is horrific. To be taken from your mother at birth and
    put in solitary confinement until you’re killed is

  6. as people have said an unwanted byproduct of the dairy industry. They all deserve freedom and a proper diet of grass they have lost their mothers early for milk production. I dont understand why these calves are not given a natural life at graSS as beef cattle.

    • whatasickworld says:

      You do not understand why??? Simple answer…..veal is expenisve the richer people eat the veal…its the in thing to do. Its the eliteist thing to do…like chapagne and caviar….and who makes the dollars and who pays the price…once you realize EVIL people run the planet you will never have to ask WHY again….

  7. Eileen goodman says:

    Some things should just not be allowed, and that includes raising, selling, and eating veal . Another inhumane situation is that of puppy mills.
    Factories for making puppies, later sold in pet stores.
    The big problem is that many people don’t even know what a puppy mill
    Is, nor do they understand how veal is produced. It is tragic. Only widespread
    Education will help. Otherwise, we’re preaching to the choir.

  8. whatasickworld says:

    What a sick world we live in. We treat each other like garbage, how can anyone expect to treat animals well? MOST of us decent inhabitants of our beautiful earth, respect and cherish life and living things. Lets not JUST lessen these little calves pain, lets leave them with their mothers where they belong. And let us fight the evil so and so s who run this world. Namely those who seek profit over dignity for humans and animals alike.

  9. Theresa Garbarino says:

    The way these calves are being treated is an abomination. No animal deserves to be treated like this. The fact that these babies are ripped away from their mothers moments after birth is absolutely cruel and against nature. Both mother and baby are extremely distressed from this. If that isn’t bad enough these innocent calves are deprived from their mother’s milk and forced to drink a disgusting formula until they reach time of slaughter. Absolute blasphemy.

  10. veal farmers are just baby killers anyway

  11. it is so sad for the calves,the mothers,who will not be
    allowed to feed her malebaby.
    can you as other imagine that your child will taken away from you,put down in a crib,he is not allowing to move,eat when he she his mother,they both cries.
    dont eat veal,dont eat meat.
    there is so much other nice to eat,not only soja,
    adult people dont need milk anymore.
    leave the milk to the calves.
    i never eat veal,piglet,chicken.
    ofcourse we cannot proscripe what to do,
    but animal are suffering so much,and their

  12. People who eat veal is a problem in itself. It’s true that some do not know the baby cow story and others just don’t care. It’s a sad story that needs to be told. These calves should not be treated the way they are treated. What an awful short life they lead. Mankind is not kind and I don’t think some people will ever understand because it will inconvience them. I won’t go to any farm that has cows to begin with. They are places of death. Being a vegetarian is not hard. If you love animals you will not eat them.

  13. Christine Jones says:

    It is unutterably cruel what we do to these poor babies, and I haven’t eaten veal for decades because of it. But, eating veal is only part of the problem. These poor creatures are waste products from the dairy industry. Please consume less dairy if you can.

  14. g oppel swier says:

    men kind are the most cruelst kind of 2legged,monsters
    in the world.
    taken a baby calf of 1month from his mom.
    i am so happy i drink not babycalf milk,but other sort
    and i am a vegaman.

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