Shut Down Coal Mine in Suffering Town

Target: Her Excellency, The Honourable Margaret Beazley, Governor of New South Wales

Goal: Shut down obstructive coal mine in suffering small town.

Peabody’s Wilpinjong coal mine has all but destroyed life in the town of Wollar, New South Wales. The mine has expanded rapidly over the last few years, forcing families to relocate and causing all manner of coal pollution-related illnesses. The local primary school has shut down due to both the pollution and a lack of funding.

Wollar has basically placed the monetary value of a coal mine above the well-being and health of human beings. The mining company has all but bought out the entire community. They have deprived children of their school, forced families out of their comfortable homes, and shut down shops and small businesses. The mine has destroyed the comfortable life of a once-thriving small community, all for the sake of profit.

If the coal mine remains, Wollar could be completely wiped off the map in just a few short years. Pollution, forced re-locations, and lack of a school do not make for an ideal place to live. Sign this petition to shut down the Wilpinjong coal mine as soon as possible.


Dear Your Excellency Governor Beazley,

The small town of Wollar has been mostly destroyed by Peabody’s Wilpinjong coal mine. The primary school has shut down, families have been forced to relocate, and the people who remain in Wollar are getting sicker and sicker from coal pollution. Peabody has bought out local shops, steamrolling small business owners. The community’s once-cozy, thriving lifestyle is no more.

You must put a stop to this immediately. Wollar allowed the Wilpinjong mine into their town, let it expand so rapidly, all for the sake of monetary gain at the cost of everyday life. This is unacceptable. Children no longer have their school, and other inhabitants lead lesser-quality lives. No amount of profit is worth this struggle. Shut down the Wilpinjong mine immediately, so that Wollar can have a fighting chance to rebuild and function as it did in the past.


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Photo Credit: Coal Town Guy

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