Prosecute Health Teacher Charged With Rape

Target: Josh Kaul, Attorney General of Wisconson

Goal: Ensure the prosecution of a health teacher charged with raping her teenage student.

Wisconsin health teacher Talia Jo Warner was charged with raping a 15-year-old student. The illicit relationship reportedly began in late 2018, with the exchange of lewd photos and culminating with the student’s seduction in Warner’s home. Warner was promptly fired when the district learned of her alleged indiscretions.

Firing this woman is only the first step, however, as is charging her for reported sexual abuse. A teacher is someone in a position of authority, a public servant trusted with the well-being and education of minors. For a teacher to abuse that trust and authority in such a way is beyond despicable. Worse, this is only the most recent case of someone in authority over minors horribly abusing their charge.

Warner could face decades in prison and a hefty fine if found guilty. Sign this petition to ensure that she faces justice for her alleged transgressions.


Dear Attorney General Kaul,

A health teacher reportedly sexually abused a teenage student, and could face decades in prison if found guilty. Her alleged relationship with the young man lasted over a period of months, starting with the exchange of lewd photos and culminating with her seducing the boy in her home. The woman was subsequently fired and charged with second-degree sexual assault.

Sexual abuse of students by teachers is unforgivable, a clear violation of authority. The state, the board of education, and students’ parents trust teachers with the education and well-being of their children. Worse, this is only the most recent case of an authority figure sexually violating a minor. Warner must face justice for her alleged actions. You must push for a guilty verdict and prison sentence for her.


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  1. Gabriela Torres says:

    Yes, indeed she is fully accountable and should be locked up for a mimimun of 5 yhears — degenerate!

  2. We send our children to school to learn while they are supposed to be protected by adults. This person needs to be held accountable for the harm she has caused this young person.

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