Ban Unethical Foie Gras

Target: Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York

Goal: End the cruel production and sale of foie gras in New York.

Legislation that would strike foie gras off New York menus was recently proposed in the state. Under the proposed bill, the sale of foie gras made from birds that have been forced fed would be banned. Establishments would also be prohibited from serving the controversial product. Carlina Rivera, the council member who introduced the bill, said the production process is “egregiously cruel.” She added: “Not only does force feeding cause extreme pain and suffering, it is all being done for a luxury product that only a tiny percentage of New York City restaurants serve and is not part of the diet of hardworking New Yorkers.” 

Animal rights activists claim the production process is inhumane because the animals are overfed through a pipe which can expand their liver up to 10 times its regular size. A PETA investigation at Hudson Valley in 2013 documented that before being force-fed, thousands of young ducks were crammed into “huge warehouse-like sheds” and confined up to a dozen at a time, to a pen measuring merely 4 feet by 6 feet. An investigator witnessed workers dragging birds by their necks along the wire floor and holding them between their legs before shoving the metal force-feeding tubes down their throats.

Vegan activist, author and president of Farm Sanctuary, Gene Baur, hopes New York and California can aid in spurring a world-wide movement. “Those are two very important markets that will hopefully set a tone for other states and cities and ideally even influence what happens around the world,” he stated. Sign below to demand New York show compassion to the helpless animals.


Dear Governor Cuomo,

A PETA investigation at Hudson Valley Foie Gras in New York found that a single worker was expected to force-feed 500 birds three times daily. Due to the high number of birds that died from ruptured organs resulting from overfeeding, workers who killed less than 50 birds per month were given a bonus. It was also revealed that a worker could feel tumor-like lumps, caused by force-feeding, in some ducks’ throats. One duck had a maggot-ridden neck injury so severe that water spilled out of it when drinking.

California banned the production and sale of foie gras. Britain, Israel and India all have similar prohibitions. I urge you to stop the senseless abuse caused by the foie gras industry by supporting New York’s proposed bill.


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Photo credit: L214 – Ethics & Animals


  1. Dumb ass. Do you eat beef? Ever watched it be processed? Idiots.

  2. If I was the myth god I would create a hell for all animal abusers!

  3. Beth Marie Nordmeyer says:

    Governor Cuomo SHAME ON NEW YORK! This MUST BE BANNED NOW. This is unimaginable cruelty inflicted on these innocent birds. How can you condone such barbaric cruelty in our country?

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