Kittens Thrown From Car to Their Deaths Deserve Justice

Target: Rusty E. McGuire, Commonwealth’s Attorney for Louisa County, Virginia

Goal: Punish the person who threw kittens out of a moving vehicle, killing both.

Two young kittens were thrown from a moving vehicle in a horrific case of animal cruelty. They each died from their injuries. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

“There was no need to toss them out of the window when you’re that close to the animal shelter. You could have easily just stopped and surrendered them there,” stated Louisa County Animal Control Officer Alyssa Ellison. A witness spotted the driver of a truck painted with gray primer driving on Route 33 near the Louisa Reservoir and throwing the approximately 6-week-old kittens from the window. One died on impact with the road, the other sustained several cuts to the head and died on the way to the animal hospital.

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this case as animal cruelty. They have not yet identified any suspects. Sign below and demand that the person responsible for this horrific act is prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Commonwealth’s Attorney McGuire,

Two kittens perished in a cruel and heartless act of animal cruelty. Thrown from a moving vehicle, one died on impact with the road. The second kitten, thought to be about six weeks old, suffered severe cuts to the head and trauma from the impact that eventually took his or her life. This cruelty happened only four miles from the county’s animal shelter, where the seemingly unwanted kittens could have been taken in and cared for without question. This indicates an act of deliberate cruelty and malice against innocent animals.

The person behind this act of cruelty is still out there and likely a danger to local animals. I demand that you prosecute and punish this person to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Find the POS that did this and take it down their highway and throw it out so the vehicles behind run it over!!!!

  2. Annette & Jeff Patrone says:

    Amen to that, but before that happens we’d love to beat the holy crap out of it and then throw it in a car and make it know whats about to happen and why then drive 80 miles an hour down the hwy and kick it out on the good useless evil human garbage!!!! Now that’s justice, and one less evil waste of life to have in the world.

  3. I’m losing faith in mankind. To many evil people doing things that they are not punished for. Our court system needs to wake up!

  4. Take the waste of flesh and blood that did this and do the same thing to them. Scum ass filth that harms innocent animals have no right to live

  5. Dear Commonwealth’s Attorney McGuire,
    Hope you will do your utmost to find that driver, who should be incarcerated for at least two years: one for every kitten that was mercilessly murdered.

  6. People who could do this to the helpless and innocent are capable of ANY crime. Investigate and catch these human monsters urgently – someone must know something. Too many animals are suffering this way around the World. Shameful to be human.

  7. Dawn Pettinger says:

    The Sick psycho who did this should be shot, this wicked evil scumbag..should die in agony, hope the poor kittens get justice, I dread to think what the poor mother cat has gone through. 😪

  8. I demand the death sentence for this lowlife animal murdering vile and evil monster from hell. If I could get to the evil lowlife bastard fron heIl I would stick a red hot pocker up this vile and evil lowlife filthy arsehole and leave it their so this lowlife monster suffers in excruiting agony until this piece of filth dies. An eye for an eye.Kill the fuck—- lowlife before this filthy evil lowlife bastard deliberately kills another innocent and helpless sentient being.

    RIP little ones. You have crossed the beautiful Rainbow Bridge into beautiful Animal Heaven. You can now fly high you beautiful souls without the threat of lowlife animal torturing pos that did this to you.

  9. Raymond Stevens says:

    The asshole that did this should get the shit beat out of him within an inch of his life and then go to jail and tell the inmates what he did. Animal lovers there will finish administering the appropriate degree of justice he deserves.

  10. What this disgusting scum did with the rest of the kittens–there could be more he killed–FIND HIM -using all cameras footage–let this low life murderer spend long time in jail and big fines for murdering these voiceless babies-SHAME ON YOU EVIL MANKIND–WE SHOULD PROTECT THESE INNOCENT BABIES/ANIMALS–BURN IN HELL FOREVER.


  12. Find and kill the vile freak sub-human

  13. CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY – we have PSYCHOS in our midst — find & throw the IDIOT in prison — Ensure this imbecile stays away from animals FOREVER – the depraved, sadistic abuse & murder of vulnerable & innocent kitties is telling of unconscionable, insane, sadistic & hateful human – let’s get some STIFF LAWS on the books and ENFORCE them — these MONSTERS will repeat their brutality unless we STOP them NOW – PUNISHMENTS & PENALTIES MUST BE SEVERE – We NEVER want repeats of these crimes

  14. Dolores Proubasta says:

    All the silly electronic gadgets in cars … why not grill-mounted car cameras at license plate levels (sedan and truck) in every new car. It would help capture criminals such as this one.

  15. Janet Garraghan says:

    Whoever did this is an evil POS who is a danger to society so must be found and punished! Only a cruel monster is capable of doing such an awful thing! Poor, poor kittens!

  16. May this sick bastard suffer for the rest of his miserable, stinking life!!

  17. Agree all comments catch them throw them off a cliff. C**TS

  18. America seems to be full of such animal murderers especially after the moron Trump has come to,power. People are becoming more audacious where animal cruelty is concerned. America will never be blessed by Mother Nature as Americans don’t know how to treat her children. No wonder the country is being plagued by hurricanes and and Category 5 storms every now and then.

  19. Find the low life pos, get any other animals away from them and make them pay!

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