Kittens Thrown From Car to Their Deaths Deserve Justice

Target: Rusty E. McGuire, Commonwealth’s Attorney for Louisa County, Virginia

Goal: Punish the person who threw kittens out of a moving vehicle, killing both.

Two young kittens were thrown from a moving vehicle in a horrific case of animal cruelty. They each died from their injuries. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

“There was no need to toss them out of the window when you’re that close to the animal shelter. You could have easily just stopped and surrendered them there,” stated Louisa County Animal Control Officer Alyssa Ellison. A witness spotted the driver of a truck painted with gray primer driving on Route 33 near the Louisa Reservoir and throwing the approximately 6-week-old kittens from the window. One died on impact with the road, the other sustained several cuts to the head and died on the way to the animal hospital.

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this case as animal cruelty. They have not yet identified any suspects. Sign below and demand that the person responsible for this horrific act is prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Commonwealth’s Attorney McGuire,

Two kittens perished in a cruel and heartless act of animal cruelty. Thrown from a moving vehicle, one died on impact with the road. The second kitten, thought to be about six weeks old, suffered severe cuts to the head and trauma from the impact that eventually took his or her life. This cruelty happened only four miles from the county’s animal shelter, where the seemingly unwanted kittens could have been taken in and cared for without question. This indicates an act of deliberate cruelty and malice against innocent animals.

The person behind this act of cruelty is still out there and likely a danger to local animals. I demand that you prosecute and punish this person to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. People who could do these kinds of horrible violent things to innocent animals are cold-blooded psychopaths that are heartless low-life despicable MONSTERS. Find these scumbags and make them pay for the suffering and TRAUMA they caused these tiny little living beings.

  2. Brenda Burke says:

    There cannot be to many trucks out there painted with grey primer. Someone knows this truck and this ‘person’ Grow a pair and report it. It could be your pet next or maybe your kids?

    • joanne bradley says:

      Exactly someone will know who did this and must report them to the authorities. What an evil scumbag to throw innocent animals to their death like a piece of trash. The worrying thing is this monster must have the mother of these kittens, and this loser should be banned from owning animals. Make the punishment fit the crime and get this sick psycho locked up.. preferably in a cell with animal lovers..

    • This evil sub human piece of worthless filth must be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Somebody knows who it is and needs to speak out. These bastards need to be removed from society. Stronger punishment is demanded by law makers to deter other murderers and torturers of animals!!

    • Yes! My thoughts exactly!

  3. Throw that miserable from a cliff and let him die very slowly.

  4. IF it was up to me. The POS who threw these kittens out of their car. I’d tie the fucker to the back bumper and drag their worthless ass at high speed down the highway. See if the asshole enjoys that!!!!

  5. There needs to be more stringent laws, heavier fines & jail time for these animal abusers! The person who did this has anti-social tendencies & no conscience…whatsoever! These heartless beings commit these atrocities to animals & then graduate to hurting or killing humans.

  6. Get them and throw them off a cliff

  7. IMPRISONMENT FOR LIFE or DEATH PENALTY for DESENSITIZED, PARANOID, SADISTIC and PSYCHOPATHIC animal torturers and abusers who apparently enjoy inflicting horrific pain and suffering on defenseless and innocent intelligent creatures. This type of SUBHUMAN FILTH should never walk the Earth again after committing this extremely disgusting crime. LET these SICKENING SUBHUMANS GET a MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT and afterwards BURN in HELL FOREVER!!

  8. Find them and we can take them for a ride down the highway and toss them out!!!!

  9. Find the sick freak who did this — throw it from a truck on a very busy highway going 70 mph.

  10. val Gaffney says:

    Yet more pieces of shit who need taking off of the streets I agree with J Martin and I’d volunteer to drive the vehicle with not a second thought aboutthe cowardly piece of shit tied to my bumper!

  11. Che abbiamo una vita orribile perché sono persone orribili.

  12. Julia Edinger says:

    Omg!!! Freaking “evil monster” deserves to be thrown down the highest mountain!!! very dangerous monster on the loss,,, MUST BE FOUND ASAP!!!

  13. To the tough guys who did this. I will fly over and knock the @#%” out of you. Don’t let the UK address fool you. I can back up everything I say. So come on tough guys, drop me a line.

  14. They did this for fun not because they could not find a shelter.People get their kicks abusing animals and their is no law to protect them or anyone willing to enforce it. All we can do is hope that these people die off or get killed off.

  15. This brings shame on the entire human race. This sadistic, sub-human, demonic, cowardly, cold-blooded act is illustrative of a psychopathic monster that should not be allowed contact with any animal, child or other decent human being. Where is our humanity? And those who know about this, who live with and around this person are just as culpable. Why have you done nothing to stop this and to get this person placed somewhere where he or she cannot harm any other living entity?

  16. Tena Van Steele says:

    We live with monsters all around us. The cowards hide like pathetic pieces of garbage. Let me get my hands on these vile disgusting ruthless pieces of shit.

  17. says:

    We KNOW that people who could do this will also do this to humans so why is the punishment/consequence is not so severe that people are afraid to do this anymore???

  18. Shirley Lemieux says:

    I agree with the comments made already about this evil waste of human flesh that killed 2 innocent babies by tossing them out of a moving vehicle. Totally heartless. Those babies didn’t even get a start in life and all because of some sick pos.

  19. The person who did this is dangerous. Should be locked up for a very long time is a threat to society, a sociopath.

  20. Just kick THE responsibles head to death…

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