Stop Euthanizing Shelter Animals in Gas Chambers

Target: President Obama on behalf of the 30 US States that still allow gassing

Goal: To end the use of gas chambers in animal shelters

Euthanizing a pet is one of the hardest things an owner has to go through. One of the only comforts in the process is knowing that the pet isn’t feeling any pain. Unfortunately, many states are still using gas chambers to euthanize shelter animals instead of EBI (euthanasia by injection). These are animals that may have never known the kindness and compassion of humans, and their final moments are spent having carbon monoxide invade their bodies.

Shelter workers have no option to comfort the animal as it is being euthanized in a gas chamber. The animal is in there alone, and probably very scared. The actual gassing process takes almost 30 minutes to end an animal’s life, whereas injection leads them to be unconscious within five seconds. More than three million shelter pets are euthanized each year, and until we find a way to control the abundance of animals, we must treat their last moments on Earth with respect and humanity.

The only acceptable form of euthanasia should be by injection. Injecting an animal is quicker, and provides a more comforting environment for the animal. It also doesn’t cause any harm for anyone else in the room since there are no poisonous gases being used. We must speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves.

Sign below to make our animal shelters treat euthanasia more humanely.

Dear President Obama,

Unfortunately we continue to face overpopulation in our animal shelters, which leads to the euthanasia of some animals. These animals are usually ones that have seen hard times, and their suffering ends by being thrown into a gas chamber. There are still 30 states that use gas chambers as a means to the end of an animal’s life.

Gassing animals involves the use of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, which are dangerous for our shelter workers to be around. Gas chambers take almost 30 minutes to end an animal’s life, meaning they are in that chamber feeling distressed, confused, and alone.

We believe that euthanasia by injection (EBI) is the only humane form of euthanasia. It is significantly cheaper, quicker, and allows an animal to be comforted by shelter workers while they drift away. Our shelter animals face enough pain while they are alone in cages. They don’t deserve to be distressed during what is supposed to be a humane solution.

Please end gas chamber euthanasia by creating a ban on the practice. Our shelter pets don’t deserve such a cruel ending.


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  1. Sandra Ericson says:

    Man’s inhumanity to man.. also animals.. Think that the human race on this planet is the worst kind of race… Wonder how the humans brains work.. don’t they think that animals have feelings too?? Doubt they have feelings or brains.. to put it politely.

    • Pamela L. Lane says:

      Please help stop the killing of these poor animals!! Where are their rights in this world? People please sign this petition to stop the killing of animals! It’s not in anyway humane to put a defenseless animal in a cage and turn the gas on while they struggle to breath until they die! Just think, is this really what God wants of us! I don’t think so. Take a moment and think about it. It’s the worst abuse we can dish out other then someone beating or starving an animal to death! Wake up people and get with the program! Is it not bad enough that people make their animals fight each other! Let’s make this world a better place, not just for those with a voice, but those that don’t have one!!!! Thank You, Pamela Lane; Salisbury, NC

  2. Elke Winkler says:

    Hey people – wake up !! I am really shocked that most just only are against the killing in gas chambers but not against the killing AT ALL !!? This is unbelievable! That means in the USA it is so common to kill those inocent animals that people think it is normal and ok if it is done by an injection!!?? By the way gassing is a horror and I think heart-sticks as well!! I never heard of this cruel practise everywhere but in the USA!! But I also saw pictures ane videos when dogs are killed by injection and this was not like “putting to sleep” – the animals were fighting and screeming!
    You claim to be a progressive nation – so stand up and stop murdering animals who’s owners are guilty and they are the victims! What justice is that ?!!!

  3. Donna Lisogorski says:

    Why dont we just throw the murders that gas the dogs in the chambers sling with their loved ones. maybe they should feel the burning in their lungs! mabe they need to know what it feels like!

  4. Donna Lisogorski says:

    Forget the excuses! never should we gas or euthaniize any animal simply because theres no room.the workers at the shelters are lazy.they would rsther play with their stupid cell phone then to take care of these precious animals.and yes, they are just as important as we are! it must be stopped its murder and they deserve samr quality if life as we expect for ourselves!!!!

  5. Darlene Potts says:

    gas chamber to end the life of a animal of any kind is such a heartbreaking unfortunite fact that NEEDS TO CHANGE.this is so inhumane and it makes me SICK to know this goes on in this world.I’v had lots of pets throughout my life and if any of them became termenly ill to the point that they were suffering they were put down HUMAINLY,while family surrounded my pet held my pet while my pet received 1of 2 shots.both were painLESS,and my pet passed peacefully.sure its always sad when you loose a pet,,,,but to dispose of animals like they are trash and like they didn;t maybe mean something to someone or MAYBE THEY ARE LONELY<<<and to put them all in a room and gas them,,,im tearing now,,,i guess thats because i have a HEART!!!its heartbreaking for any soul to die lonely and a painful death!!our animals included…we have to change this pathetic gas chamber deal…its inhumane,its plain WRONG,thank you

  6. Sheila Thiele says:

    I’M VERY DISAPPOINTED with the letter to the president. Major issues were left out like what happens to the dogs, puppies, cats & kittens bodies while being gassed & how they are crammed in a chamber box some with no windows & how some animals attach others & if the gassing doesn’t work the first time the animals are gassed again !!!! How they cry while being gassed !!!!!! The President needs to know these things !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. fern thanyathorn says:


  8. Christine Jones says:

    It is disgusting that any healthy animal should be killed, and mostly due to people breeding more animals, instead of adopting from shelters. The very least we can do is ensure that these poor innocents have a calm and painfree death, while being soothed and comforted by someone who cares. Do unto others. Would any of us like to die terrified and in pain in a gas chamber?

  9. Misha Lauridsen says:

    I signed already a few petitions to stop euthanizing kitties in this inhumane actions.What surprised me today that there are still 30 THIRTY states that allow it. Havent we all heard and learned from the Holocaust? Arent we better herein the USA than the followers of the third Reich? IIT HAS TO STOP NOW !

  10. Sequya osborne says:

    STOP THE KILLING ! ! ! In my eyes I see it as animal murder. I’m a volleyer at an animal shelter that does not kill off there animals and I think every one should do this.


  12. yanxin koh says:

    Stop the killing please !!

  13. Jennifer Pitner says:

    im sharing this far and wide!!! WE HAVE TO STOP THIS! I WILL DO ANYTHING I CAN

  14. Jennifer Pitner says:

    We have to STOP this

  15. Eliza Flowers says:

    Animals Holocaust…Stop this ctuelty. Please…

  16. thank you guy for helping those animals that neea a good home i hate the fact that they are killing animals the way they are and i may just be 16 but i know alot about animals i would do any thing for them i have to dogs and i dont know what i would do with out them but i think it a good thing som on is trying to stop this shit

  17. This is insane! what kind of world would allow this? oh right, the shitty one we live in. For Christ sakes, end the cruelty! This isn’t Schindlers List or the fucking Holocaust, the Nazi’s should stop putting animals in the gas chamber, there is no need for this!


    They may not care yet, we’re gonna continue gassing animals and nothing is going to stop us they’ll say, but what happens when they gas the very last one?

    That may stop them.

  18. I’m the Lorax, I speak for the trees and every living thing, so please, stop the gas chambers, please!

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