Don’t Ban Plant-Based Food Terms

Target: Norbert Lins, Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development

Goal: Allow plant-based food producers to use recognizable terms on their products.

Producers of plant-based foods are at risk of being banned from using terms typically associated with meat or dairy. As a result, products would not be allowed to feature widely-used terms like ‘veggie burger,’ ‘yogurt style’ or ‘cheese substitute’. Several environmental, consumer and animal welfare organizations teamed up to demand members of the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) reject the oppressive proposals that would outlaw the use of the popular terms.

“During another heatwave that focuses our minds that we are in the midst of climate breakdown, it is madness that MEPs are spending valuable time on trying to limit the growth of the plant-based market by banning terms such as ‘veggie burger,’ when instead they should be dedicated to making agricultural policy more sustainable and climate friendly,” said Alexandra Clark from Humane Society International/Europe in a statement. “The European vegetarian and vegan food market has grown massively in recent years with consumers increasingly choosing to reduce or replace meat and dairy with plant-based options. Common sense terms like ‘vegan sausage’ or ‘cheese substitute’ have been used for years and it is absurd to suggest that banning them is in the best interest of consumers who are actively seeking out these products because they’re animal-free,” Clark stated.

While animal agriculture is a significant greenhouse gas emitter, veganism plays a paramount role in alleviating climate change. Sign below to demand that plant-based food producers not be banned from using popular terms on packaging.


Dear Chair Lins,

Restricting the commercial speech of producers of plant-based products is counterproductive in achieving a greener Common Agricultural Policy, as vegan food items are known to have a lower impact on the environment than their animal-based counterparts. A research study conducted in 2014, estimated that if EU citizens ate 50 percent less meat, dairy products and eggs, agriculture greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 25 to 40 percent. This goes to show just how important plant-based food options are.

Banning the use of widely-understood terms, such as ‘vegan sausage’ and ‘veggie burger’ would confuse consumers and might even prevent them from making appropriate choices while buying products. I urge you to reject any proposals asking for this oppressive ban.


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