Demand Change For the Failing Food and Drug Administration

Target: President Obama

Goal: Allow consumers to dictate what types of products the Food and Drug Administration can approve.

How many more commercials will we see with lawyers asking consumers to sue pharmaceutical companies because drugs that the Food and Drug Administration deemed safe caused health problems or even death? How many more FDA-approved food and drink items will be pulled from shelves for causing sickness? How many more genetically-modified products will the FDA say are safe for us to eat? How many more products with toxic, cancer-causing chemicals will we be told we can put on our bodies…before we finally deem the FDA to be unsafe? The Food and Drug Administration is a failed system that we continue paying taxes to. Tell President Obama we demand that changes be made in the form of consumer-created regulations.

The FDA is responsible for “protecting and promoting public health” through the “regulation and supervision” of food safety, dietary supplements, tobacco products, veterinary products, prescription and over-the-counter medications and a variety of other medical products. Last year, we collectively paid the FDA $4.36 billion with our taxes. With so many resources at its disposal, the FDA should be able to do what it’s meant to do, which is to make sure all the food and drugs we consume are safe. Does it really requires billions of dollars to simply look at a product’s ingredients and decide that those with cancer-causing chemicals do not “protect and promote public health?” Nor does food that has been genetically modified. Nor do drugs that cause severe sexual side effects, violent behavior or death. Does it take billions of dollars to know that if a drug has never had any long-term studies performed on it, that it shouldn’t be approved?

Since our taxes are paying for this agency, we the taxpayers should get to dictate how it operates. Ninety percent of Americans don’t want genetically modified food to be sold–so the FDA simply shouldn’t approve it. Food that has been sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals also does not “protect and promote public health,” so organic food should be the new standard, no longer just something only the rich can afford. Products that we put on our bodies which contain toxic or cancer-causing chemicals that pollute us and the environment don’t “protect and promote public health,” so they should be banned. Drugs that lead some kids to shoot classrooms full of students and teachers certainly don’t “protect and promote public health,” so why do they continue to get FDA approval?

The Food and Drug Administration has failed its employers…us. Tell President Obama we’re sick of being told products are safe for consumption when they’re toxic for people and the planet. We demand our taxes represent our needs. Tell President Obama we want to determine the products the FDA deems safe from now on.


Dear President Obama,

As broke and tired taxpayers who are constantly not seeing our taxes representing our wants and needs, we demand a change–starting with the Food and Drug Administration. In 2010, over half a million Americans were hurt by FDA-approved prescription drugs, and 100,000 of them died. Most of the products that we put on our bodies contain carcinogens and other toxic or cancer-causing chemicals, hormone disruptors, chemicals that can cause infertility and many other substances that can cause health or environmental problems.

If the FDA exists to protect and promote public health, it’s not doing its job. Since we’re the ones paying for it, we demand some changes be made. The FDA needs to listen to its consumers’ wants and needs, not those of food and pharmaceutical corporations. We demand changes be made to the FDA in the form of consumer-created regulations.


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