Raccoons Killed and Stuffed Into Mailboxes Deserve Justice

Target: Jerry Brady, State’s Attorney for Peoria County, Illinois

Goal: Punish the person behind a string of horrific raccoon murders and dismemberments.

Raccoons are being killed and dismembered in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Raccoon intestines and other body parts have been found in sick displays throughout a small town. Demand the prosecution and punishment of the person behind these grisly murders.

“Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, all the classics grew up torturing small animals. I’d say this falls into that,” stated Cy Snider. He and his wife, Tina, answered a call from their Peoria mail carrier informing them that their mailbox was infested with flies. Upon closer inspection, they found raccoon intestines stuffed inside. Sadly, this was only one incident of many in this small Illinois town. Only a mile away from the Snider’s house, two raccoon carcasses were hung from a mailbox by their intestines. Seven miles from that location, locals discovered a dead raccoon nailed to an abandoned house. The person behind these deadly acts still walks free, putting an entire community on edge.

The Peoria County Sheriff’s Office is investigating, and they’ve asked for the public’s help in identifying the person responsible for this massacre. Sign below and demand the swiftest and harshest punishment in this case.


Dear State’s Attorney Brady,

Imagine waking up one morning to find your mailbox stuffed with the intestines of an innocent animal. This horrific scenario became a reality for Cy and Tina Snider and several others in the Peoria community. Multiple raccoons have been killed and dismembered in a cruel and gruesome crime spree. These innocent animals were put on display in ways that only a very disturbed individual would find amusing. The killer nailed one raccoon to an abandoned building and strung another between two mailboxes by the intestines, leaving them both to be found by locals in the daylight.

With this most recent display on the Sniders’ property, it is clear that this perpetrator will continue to torture and kill innocent animals without hesitation. Whatever the motive, they must be brought to justice. I demand that you prosecute the person responsible and seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    I know there are some deranged sickos out there but this really takes the cake. Whoever is doing this needs to be found and locked up ASAP as they are easily a threat to the community!

    • This is the 3rd torturing of Raccoons in parts of America,the first was that lawyer throwing one into the sea from a boat,the next was in a cage set on fire,now this,all within a week or two,there must be some twisted demented fuck out there,catch the evil vermin before he does anymore to Raccoons or any other animals or innocent humans.

  2. Animal torturers should be used for science experiments. No reason to experiment on animals when we have plenty of vile filth who should be kicked out of the human classification and just seen as a resource to use until they are dead. Any lab testing will be much more accurate when done on these soulless sacks of human parts that don’t quite qualify as real people.

  3. This is a very sick person who could treat wild raccoon’s this way. This person needs to be found & put away in a mental hospital.

  4. Julie James says:

    I feel this person is a very dangerous individual who should be found at once. He is most likely to move on to humans you should have a registry as we are getting in Toronto to list animal abusers.
    It’s very frightening and I feel sorry for the people there as they are not resting easy right now
    I highly recommend security cameras if you can afford it.
    One hidden camera could well catch this sickos identity especially as they record now

  5. This has been happening in the sick little redneck town where I now live, Montpelier , Ohio. Nothing will be done about animal abuse and torture here because it is an area of farmers, and their sons are good ol boys having fun torturing vermin.

    • Do whatever you can by exposing what is happening.
      Try going over their heads by calling the Gov.
      You will find like minded people to help.

  6. Find the scumbags who did this evil deed and execute them all! This is the punishment they deserve and no less.

  7. Teresa zamalloa says:

    Raccoons are very smart, funny and good looking whereas those ‘human beasts’ are just despicable illiterate stinky monsters that ‘human beasts’ that don’t know any better!


  9. Nothing will happen unless the Assholes are caught in the act. Authorities only care about donuts.

  10. D. Farrimond says:

    It will be a local male, probably possessing multiple animal traps, will have a Loud Anti Raccoon / Anti Animal Mouth. The local general store that sells traps will probably have a few very worthwhile ideas??

  11. Heather Brophy says:

    Not a person but a subhuman that needs to be taken off the planet!

  12. The evil human filth who are doing this must be hunted down, castrated, and either executed or imprisoned for life.

  13. val Gaffney says:

    Catch this piece of shit and do the world a favour and nail him up somewhere having first hung drawn and quartered him!

  14. FIND THIS SICK DEMENTED MONSTER WALKING THE STREETS!!!! Once IT grows tired of torturing poor innocent animals, IT will most definitely will move on to humans!!!!

  15. Aprille Gilmore says:

    With the thousands of cameras in every town,these crimes ARE solvable. And, yes, in addition to the unspeakable cruelty, the perpetrator is mentally ill.

  16. nikki halper says:

    I’ve been on this earth for many years and I’ve seen, read and heard about some horrific acts of cruelty towards animals in my time, but this type of sick twisted behavior really goes down to a whole new level of evil. This monster needs to be found and locked up before more innocent lives are lost and he starts turning to humans for his kicks..sub human piece of garbage

  17. find the jerks who killed the racoon…then put these jerks in jail forever. demand hefty fines that go to animal protection groups.

  18. Catherine Dugan says:


  19. Brenda Burke says:

    If I lived in or around that community My dogs would never be out on their own, my cats are house cats and I would become a helicopter mum until this POS is caught because it will escalate. Maybe time for a camera or two???

  20. I’d like to find the sick SOB that did this and do the same thing to him he’s not mental. He just thinks what he did makes him look like a big man! Well, buddy thank your good that I don’t get my hands on you or I’d be making you cry before you died you fucking piece of garbage! No one has the right to do these things to innocent should ever be allowed to live and talk about it! I’m sure it won’t be long before this nut job starts Killing humans for his thrills he should be killed himself prison will cost good people too much money to house and feed this monster!

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