Bring Alleged Epstein Co-Conspirators to Justice

Target: William Barr, Attorney General of the United States

Goal: End plea deal for alleged co-conspirators in sex trafficking of minors.

When wealthy financier and accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed suicide, he deprived his accusers of justice. Epstein’s reported dark crimes, however, live on not only in his young accusers but in a plethora of potential co-conspirators. Because of a highly controversial plea bargain made years ago, these individuals have largely skated scrutiny and punishment. For the dozens of underage girls who claim they lost their innocence at the hands of a sick predator, this federally sanctioned shield needs to crumble.

The 2007 non-prosecution agreement allowed Epstein to serve mere months for previous sexual assault charges. Worse yet, this deal, spearheaded by the nation’s former Secretary of Labor, gave any possible co-conspirators immunity if Epstein pled guilty to a single charge.

Several names have allegedly been brought forth both in indictments against Epstein and during investigative work. These names reportedly include powerful CEOs, high-profile attorneys, royalty, and prominent current and former politicians at all levels of government. The daughter of a wealthy British tycoon has fallen under particular scrutiny, as Epstein’s apparent right-hand who allegedly recruited and coerced young girls to Epstein’s estate. Some accusers even recounted how they were allegedly brought from France at twelve years of age as a “birthday gift” to Epstein. The horrific stories of widespread sex trafficking and sex slavery only increased over the years until Epstein’s eventual arrest.

Sign this petition to demand the Attorney General honor his promise to bring all individuals who allegedly aided and abetted pervasive sexual assault to justice.


Dear Attorney General Garr,

You recently vowed that Jeffrey Epstein’s possible co-conspirators should not “rest easy.” Because of one extremely ill-advised document, however, these potential criminals have been doing exactly that for years. The 2007 non-prosecution agreement vetted and approved by federal prosecutors has successfully prevented even one compliant party included in an accused widespread sex-trafficking ring from ever facing charges.

Due to the ineptitude and reportedly privileged treatment given Epstein by authorities, these accusers will never see the man who allegedly violated them in the worst way brought to justice. They deserve some measure of peace in the knowledge that their voices ultimately mattered. Many of them have asked that the document protecting their alleged abusers be rescinded.

You have this power. If you truly place a higher priority on young survivors than the influential and powerful predators who allegedly exploited them, you will render this instrument of predatory protection null and void.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: David McGlynn


  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    Anybody even remotely involved in Epstein’s disgusting crimes needs to be punished to the fullest extent. No plea bargains, no slaps on the wrist. Justice only!

    • Alison Zacharis says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with you. In this day and age the law seems to be in collusion with the criminals and against the victims and justice is never served. If the law was serious about being on the side of the victims it should be, as you say, no plea bargains, no slaps on the wrist, justice only to prove it!! It’s sickening that it all appears to be a game of which lawyers can find the most loopholes to keep these sickening bastards free of their crimes.

  2. I demand the Attorney General honor his promise to bring all individuals who allegedly aided and abetted pervaded sexual assault to justice. These young girls & women deserve justice even tho this coward Epstein took his own life. These women will have to live with this horror for the rest of their lives. They all should get prison time.

  3. Rita McNany says:

    Everyone involved in the exploitation of these children and women must pay for their crimes! Don’t protect these pedophiles and rapists because of their wealth and social standing! Do the right thing Mr. Barr!

  4. I agree with all comments. Plea bargains in cases such as murder and rape are disgusting. It is so sad that you need to bribe those in collusion with the perpetrator. They are ALL guilty! I hope that there are people who are helping the victims of these horrific crimes.

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