Pledge Not to Buy Products Made by Procter and Gamble

Target: Citizens of the World

Goal: Stop supporting a corporation that performs cruel animal testing and uses toxic chemicals in its products.

It’s shocking how many products Procter and Gamble manufacturers and consequently, how much money it makes, and yet it still hasn’t managed to find the funds to develop entirely sustainable products. Procter and Gamble even brags on its site about its “billion dollar brands,” the products that generate more than $1 billion in profits annually. Not one of the products on the list is free of toxins. To name a few, Gain and Tide, laundry detergents that contain high levels of 1,4-dioxane, which is a synthetic petrochemical carcinogen. Pantene and Head & Shoulders, products that are tested on animals, contain pesticides and other petroleum-derived chemicals. And Dawn dish soap contains petroleum-based ingredients, artificial colors and other undisclosed chemicals. We can no longer let Procter and Gamble profit off of our willingness to buy products that are toxic. Let’s stand together and pledge not to buy any products made by Procter and Gamble.

With obesity, asthma, cancer, infertility, birth defects, allergies and many other health problems proven to be related to the chemicals we use in our homes and put on our bodies, it’s an insult to us that Procter and Gamble has made little more than pathetic attempts to be eco-conscious. It’s simple, if a product can’t be made without doing harm to the environment or people, then don’t make it. The time of compromising the planet for profits has passed and no amount of self-serving lies about how sustainable a few of Procter and Gamble’s products are will make us believe otherwise.

Procter and Gamble earns billions of dollars a year. By not using those profits to develop completely sustainable product lines, they’re proving themselves unworthy of being in business. And because Procter and Gamble is such a grossly wealthy company, that means the cost of creating sustainable products doesn’t need to be passed onto consumers in the form of more expensive products. The board of directors could stand to shave a million or two off their salaries if it means the planet and their customers will be healthier.

It’s time for corporations to start paying for their actions by having consumers stop paying for their products. For a full listing of Procter and Gamble’s products, go to Let’s stand together and either shut this toxic corporation down, or force it to change its corrupt business practices. All we have to do is educate ourselves on what products Procter and Gamble manufacturers, and then pledge not to buy them.


Dear Citizens of the World,

Procter and Gamble is one of the most ethically bankrupt companies in the world. It has a long history of cruelly testing its toxic products on animals, and then lying about it. It also uses chemicals in its products that cause severe damage to the environment and its customers. Illnesses such as asthma, obesity, allergies, cancer,  infertility, birth defects and many others have been linked to chemicals that Procter and Gamble uses in almost all of its products.

In 2011, Procter and Gamble made $82.6 billion in sales and Fortune magazine ranked it number five on its list of the “World’s Most Admired Companies.” We need to show Fortune that the majority of the world has something other than profit margins in mind, especially when Procter and Gamble’s “admirable” qualities are causing us health problems and also unimaginable damage to the planet. Let’s educate ourselves on what products Procter and Gamble manufacturers and pledge not to buy them. By simply not spending money, we can show one of the largest corporations in the world what we think of its corrupt business practices.


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  1. I never have any truck with this company – never have done and never will do. It takes some time to learn what to avoid, as they’ve got fingers in lots of pies – but it’s worth it.

  2. P&G is evil, as all of their products contain toxic petroleum compounds. There is no need to test them because they are known to be harmful. There must be more awareness so that people stop buying them. Their laundry detergents, fabric softeners, dryer strips and fragrances contain volatile organic compounds, phthalates, petroleum distillates and endocrine disruptors, all responsible for diseases and disorders of all types, especially in children. Fumes from high efficiency laundry products are hazardous and responsible for climate change.

  3. Julie van Niekerk says:

    Disgrace of the human grace. Test on evil humans and yourself so that this barbaric gene in the blood some people can be destroyed. Animals suffer for us, we are not worth it.

  4. Ruth Rogers says:

    Signed! I will make the effort.

  5. icarewhathappens icarewhathappens says:

    wow….I am learning so much.
    Procter & Gamble I have purchased all those items listed above for years.
    That stops NOW.

  6. Steve Reynolds says:

    For me it’s the fag Tide commercial that has crossed the line. Down with P&G.

  7. Mike Sloan says:

    i agree, I’m sick and tired of homosexuality being force fed into mainstream in movies…sitcoms and now commercials
    Let them know this won’t be tolerated and boycott the hell out of them by refusal to buy any all of their products

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