Demand Real Gun Control Now

Students protesting gun violence by walking out on their school

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

Goal: Enact comprehensive gun control including universal background checks, mental health evaluations, and no person-to-person sales.

Two more mass shootings have stolen dozens of lives, and nothing is changing. Conservatives offer their “thoughts and prayers,” but no real solutions. They believe their right to have deadly weapons is more important than our right to life. Moscow Mitch and his cronies would rather keep collecting money from the NRA than take a real stand for what is right. We need our Democratic leadership to stop letting them get away with it.

Every time this happens, Democrats make a half-hearted suggestion that we need to change, but the push dies off. If a few weeks have passed since the last mass shooting, it seems like Democrats would rather focus on other issues. It’s time for this to become a real priority for our government. There is no reason for individuals to be able to own assault rifles at all. To make matters worse, in many cases, they can get them the same day.

We need universal background checks on every gun sale, mandatory waiting periods on every transaction, routine mental health evaluations of gun owners, and absolutely no person-to-person gun sales. Tell Nancy Pelosi that we need her to be a voice for change now — a moderate solution will only lead to more people being killed.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

Enough is enough. Every time there’s a mass shooting, we talk about doing something about it, but nothing happens. A few weeks pass, and our legislators move on to other things. We need comprehensive change to the way guns are sold in this country, and we need it now. Every sale should require a background check, and a waiting period. A person’s mental health should effect whether or not they are allowed to purchase weapons.

Perhaps most importantly, person-to-person sales need to be completely banned. In many states, you can buy a gun from a neighbor just by showing a local ID and a voter registration card. This is absurd, and needs to stop. Every single gun sale needs to happen at a licensed vendor, and breaking this law needs to lead to mandatory prison sentences. The only way to fight gun violence in this country is a no-tolerance policy.

We are tired of watching the news and seeing more of our neighbors killed by psychopaths who never should have access to guns in the first place. You have the power to create change as Speaker of the House, but you need to actually do it. It’s not enough to offer thoughts and prayers anymore; we have far too many dead for that.


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Photo Credit: Phil Roeder

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  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    We need to have stricter gun control laws, a ban on assault rifles and bump stocks, more intensive and longer background checks, raising the age of firearm ownership, making sure mentally ill people do not have the chance to get their hands on firearms, an end to loopholes and the black market as a whole and a stop to this country’s sick obsession with firearms and violence once and for all! How many more shootings will there be and how many more lives lost and destroyed before comprehensive and meaningful action is taken?

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