Stop Harassment of Sandy Hook Hero

Target: Promoters of conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook Shooting and Jay Johnson, creator of

Goal: To stop the harassment of Newtown resident Gene Rosen, who helped save children during the Sandy Hook tragedy and who is now being unfairly targeted by conspiracy theorists online.

A number of conspiracy theories have spread like wildfire across the Internet since the tragic events took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Supporters of the conspiracy theories, known as Sandy Hook ‘truthers,’ have made a multitude of claims on what occurred on the day of the shootings, which include: the government orchestrated the massacre, multiple shooters were at the school, and the children and families involved are hired actors, among other unbacked claims. While nearly all of the ‘theories’ are no doubt offensive to the victims and their families, one Newtown resident who helped six fleeing children has been forced to deal with endless harassment and libelous statements about his character.

That resident is Gene Rosen, a retired psychologist who has appeared in several interviews and news reports recounting his experience of the tragedy. Rosen has tearfully explained the sounds of gunshots and how he brought six shocked children into his home after they ran from the school and called the children’s parents. Instead of applauding the good deeds of Rosen, however, truthers have blindly accepted the accusation that Rosen is actually a crisis actor, even claiming he is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Video clips of Rosen’s appearances on television have been creatively edited and posted on various websites to give supposed credibility to the accusation that he is an actor. Rosen has received countless phone calls and emails accusing him of lying about the event and demanding to know how much he has been paid for his acting. The truthers have taken it upon themselves to create fake YouTube, Facebook, and Google+ accounts in Rosen’s name and even posted a photo of his house online.

Gene Rosen does not deserve harassment or defamation of character for his heroic actions on December 14, 2012. Tell the Sandy Hook truthers to stop singling out Mr. Rosen and persecuting him without any proof to back up their outrageous claims.


Dear Mr. Johnson and members of the Sandy Hook truther movement,

We demand that you stop the unwarranted harassment of Gene Rosen, the Newtown resident who gave shelter to six fleeing children during the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Mr. Rosen committed no crimes that day, only acts of kindness. Members of your ‘truther’ movement, however, have relentlessly bullied Mr. Rosen and behaved in an unbelievably shameful manner.

Your so-called theories consist of nothing but questions posed as logical queries, but in reality, all of those questions have rational, reasonable answers. Your supposed proof is composed of video clips and photos creatively pieced together that attempt to lead people to draw contrived conclusions on the events of that tragic day. We respect your members’ motivation to discover the truth, but drawing conclusions in the absence of solid facts (or presence of proof that disproves your theories) not only serves to discredit your claims, but it is downright irresponsible. The lack of responsibility is only compounded by the harassment that has resulted from your claims.

The multitude of unbacked theories your movement has put forth is unconscionable. Your claims and ‘proof’ have attempted to delegitimize the genuine grieving of the Newtown community and has resulted in the defamation of Gene Rosen. We demand that you cease all contact with Mr. Rosen and consider how your claims have hurt those affected by the tragedy.


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  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    Mr. Rosen should be commended for his thoughtful, caring actions and not harassed by paranoid, conspiracy theorists that have nothing better to do than to manifest their ignorance and hatred by stirring up strife in the wake of such a profoundly tragic event.

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