Demand Reparations for Slavery

A slave, showing scars from recent whipping

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

Goal: End the legacy of slavery by supporting reparations for its victims.

The impact of slavery and racial injustice in this country is far from over. 150 years after the end of the Civil War, black families are still feeling the impact of slavery. It has been less than a generation since black people were even protected from being fired from jobs for their race, and there is still a long way to go to achieve equality. One of the biggest ways we can move forward is through reparations for those affected by slavery.

There is currently a bill in the House of Representatives called H.R. 40, which would establish a committee to examine the legacy of slavery and recommend reparations based on its findings. It was introduced in January, but has been gaining steam lately. We need to tell Congress that H.R. 40 needs to pass; the only way we can ever heal the wounds slavery has left behind in our country is by doing everything in our power to make it right.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

Racial injustice in America is still a part of our culture, and we need to do everything we can to stop it. The legacy of slavery still leaves a burden on many black families in the United States. It has only been in the last generation that people of color have even been protected from losing their job because of their race. They have been put at a severe disadvantage, and it all started with their ancestors being stolen from their homes as slaves.

H.R. 40 would be a great step in the right direction of fighting racial injustice in this country. If Congress passes it, the findings of the investigation into slavery’s legacy and the later reparations paid to black families would help give them the support they need to push for true racial equality in this country. Black Americans still live shorter lives than their white counterparts, and this is unacceptable. These reparations would help improve their standard of living and give them the support they need — white people in this country have never had to play catch-up because of hundreds of years in bondage. Help make it right, and win another battle for racial equality.


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Photo Credit: Mathew Brady

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