Halt Fracking to Investigate Childhood Cancer Connection

Target: Dr. Rachel Levine, Secretary of Health, Pennsylvania

Goal: Bring an end to fracking until connections between the practice and childhood cancer can be confirmed or denied.

A rare bone cancer in children has increased drastically since fracking arrived in the state of Pennsylvania. Now, activists are demanding that this harmful practice be suspended until a health investigation can be concluded.

In four western Pennsylvania counties where fracking is most active, there are a reported 67 cases of childhood cancer. Twenty-seven of those cases are of Ewing sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. These cases have risen over the past 10 years, in line with the rise of the shale gas industry.

Children are dying and falling ill at alarming rates. While correlation does not equal causation, we cannot let this rise in illness be ignored. Demand that fracking in the state be halted until a thorough investigation into the health consequences of fracking can be held.


Dear Secretary Levine,

Childhood cancer rates in the state of Pennsylvania have risen, including the rate of rare bone cancer. Children are dying and falling ill at rates much higher than they were only a decade ago. What has caused this? Some suspect the influx in shale gas fracking.

We understand that correlation does not equal causation, but you still owe the state’s children an investigation. You must still eliminate all possibilities. This means halting fracking and conducting a thorough investigation into its health consequences.


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Photo Credit: Kate Ausburn


  1. I am wondering who initiated this petition and how we could amplify it. I am unfamiliar with the host, “Force Change” and do not know if my email will get spammed by signing and/or sharing. Perhaps, I could share via. social media. Can you contact me @psrphila on Twitter, if possible.

  2. Fracking needs to be stopped. We need to use more ways to save our earth than destroying our earth.

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