Save Endangered Parrot Species From Extinction

Target: The Honourable David Parker, Minister for the Environment of New Zealand

Goal: Save endangered kākāpō parrot species from wipeout by fungal disease.

New Zealand’s prized kākāpō population is on a decline as seven of the birds have died from the respiratory disease aspergillosis over the last several months. Seven may be a small number, but the recent deaths have left only 142 adult birds left for breeding. Additionally, aspergillosis has sent many other birds to veterinary hospitals, with their future and recovery in the balance.

Just three years ago, the species saw a population boom as a recovery program established in the 1980s finally bore fruit. But these recent losses will render such efforts for naught as the disease continues to spread. With only 200 birds total, including the 142 adults, every bird’s life is vital, and the loss of this rare and beloved species would be a devastating one for New Zealand.

We cannot let these birds disappear. We must push for stronger protection against the disease threatening to wipe them out, such as vaccines and the eradication of aspergillosis altogether. Sign this petition to prevent the extinction of the kākāpō.


Dear Minister Parker,

The rare and beloved kākāpō parrot is falling victim to the disease aspergillosis, with several dying within the past few months. This is especially devastating for the species, as three years prior it had seen a sharp increase in population. Many of those birds are dead now, with only 142 adults remaining. This does not bode well for the breeding season scientists were hoping for.

You must stop the further decline of the species by protecting them from the deadly disease. The birds need to be captured and vaccinated against aspergillosis, and you must make the effort to eradicate the disease entirely to protect other species as well. The kākāpō deserves a fighting chance to survive and rebuild the numbers they had three years ago.


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Photo Credit: Dianne Mason

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